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Scotland (281 articles)publicationdate
To-day's Television and RadioThe Herald1963-11-23
B.B.C. viewers complain - what about the Daleks?Sunday Mail1964-11-22
Made in IrvineThe Irving Herald1964-12-04
The Boys' BrigadeSteadfast Magazine1965-02-01
He dishes out fifteen million thrills a weekThe Weekly News1965-03-20
TeleTypesSunday Mail1965-06-20
A Dalek Carries the CanThe Herald1966-01-31
The Atlantean Fish PeopleAberdeen Evening Express1967-01-14
Mr "X" and Dr WhoThe Herald1967-02-15
No Daleks in the SquareThe Herald1967-12-23
Daleks in EdinburghThe Herald1969-04-22
Jon reveals Who is kidding WhoAberdeen Evening Express1973-01-20
John Tavner on TelevisionThe Press and Journal1973-03-02
Dr Who Death Threat To BairnsAberdeen Evening Express1973-04-09
Extermination fears as Daleks vanishAberdeen Evening Express1973-06-07
Dr Who gets new friendAberdeen Evening Express1973-12-15
Final roleThe Herald1974-05-03
Good and scarey DaleksThe Herald1974-12-23
How boiler-suit Tom became Dr WhoEdinburgh Evening News1975-01-25
Actor William Hartnell dies at 67The Herald1975-04-25
Who are you, Doctor Who?The Herald1976-06-11
Mystery of Dr Who sagas revealedAberdeen Evening Express1977-04-02
Who's next (The Herald)The Herald1978-04-26
Take care with those fireworksEast Fife Mail1978-11-01
Wellgate Centre, DundeeThe Courier & Advertiser1979-01-12
The Doc's 500th ShowEvening Telegraph1979-01-20
Former Dr Who, Jon Pertwee, pictured at his London home with his King Charles spanielEvening Telegraph1979-01-23
When children come face to face with the real Dr Who...The Herald1979-02-07
Who's she..Daily Record1979-06-30
LogopolisDunfermline Press1980-03-13
Who do they appreciateThe Courier & Advertiser1980-03-19
A teeny plea for WhoAberdeen Evening Express1980-08-16
Curtains for K-9 and RomanaAberdeen Evening Express1980-10-08
Janet who? .. she's the girl for Dr WhoDaily Record1980-10-24
Dr Who man hangs up his scarf...The Press and Journal1980-10-25
Exterminate!Daily Record1980-10-25
Peter Who?Daily Record1980-11-05
A journey into the unknownDaily Record
The Mirror
A Doctor Who from the dalesThe Courier & Advertiser1980-11-05
Wedding bells on the Tardis!Aberdeen Evening Express1980-11-19
My romance with Lalla, by 'Dr Who'The Press and Journal1980-11-20
Dr Who is just walking on airAberdeen Evening Express1980-12-13
Why John had to be put downDaily Record1980-12-13
May the Force be with you!The Press and Journal1980-12-18
The Keeper of TrakenDunfermline Press1981-01-30
Who's not afraid now, Doctor?Daily Record1981-01-31
Janet Fielding, who plays TeganDunfermline Press1981-02-27
Tom picks up another girlDaily Record1981-02-28
The new-look doctor is a cricket fanAberdeen Evening Express1981-04-15
Not the Nine O'Clock Nudes!Daily Record1981-08-20
Dr Who creator joins book-week funThe Press and Journal1981-10-05
Now it's Louise in captivityDaily Record1981-11-19
Dr Who fans hold first Scots conventionThe Herald1981-11-28
Travellers in time without a TardisThe Herald1981-11-30
Princess is the topsAberdeen Evening Express1982-01-27
Pirates give Sylvester new plank in his stage careerThe Herald1982-04-06
Cover-upThe Press and Journal1982-05-08
Dr Who's thousandsAberdeen Evening Express1982-07-19
Do your children do their homework while watching Dr. Who?The Press and Journal1982-08-18
And talking of heroes there's a new girl for the kids' favouriteDaily Record1983-07-06
Fifth Dr Who is ready to quitThe Press and Journal1983-07-29
Time's up for the Doctor ..Daily Record1983-07-29
Kenny's falsies up for sale ...Edinburgh Evening News1983-10-27
20 years vanish as five Dr Whos link upThe Herald1983-11-15
Out of this world (Daily Record)Daily Record1983-11-23
20th anniversary of a magical old strangerThe Courier & Advertiser1983-11-25
The Doctor's Famous FiveDaily Record1983-11-25
Earthlings meet the CybermanEdinburgh Evening News1983-12-05
Colin strikes blow for bad tasteThe Press and Journal1984-01-11
Peri for shortEdinburgh Evening News1984-03-15
A who done it for Dr WhoDaily Record1984-03-16
Fan who became the starAberdeen Evening Express1984-04-25
Barefoot in the ParkEdinburgh Evening News1984-06-18
Isla Blair plays IsabellaEdinburgh Evening News1984-07-06
Daleks--the cuddly terrorsEdinburgh Evening News1984-10-12
Dr. Who? (Gannett News Service)Daily Record
El Paso Times
Lansing State Journal
Pensacola News Journal
The Morning News
Gannett News Service
St. Cloud Times
Chillicothe Gazette
Hattiesburg American
Iowa City Press Citizen
Palladium Item
Statesman Journal
The Californian
The Journal News
The Shreveport Times
Wausau Daily Herald
The Bellingham Herald
The Daily Times (Mamaroneck, NY)
The Herald Statesman
The Salinas Californian
BBC Daleks threaten the Doctor with hibernationThe Scotsman1985-02-28
Doctor may go back in timeEdinburgh Evening News1985-02-28
Hands off Dr Who!Daily Record1985-02-28
The Time Lord's travelling companion PeriEdinburgh Evening News1985-03-02
BBC air-time lord says Dr will returnAberdeen Evening Express1985-03-02
A wicked plot to kill the DoctorEdinburgh Evening News1985-03-04
Who cares?The Press and Journal1985-03-09
Beeb call in the doctor for Radio 4 revivalThe Press and Journal1985-05-24
Dr Who on trial in new seriesAberdeen Evening Express1986-01-13
Janet's come a long wayDaily Record1986-01-21
Time for a change-- It's Bonnie!Edinburgh Evening News1986-01-23
New-look Dr Who for autumnThe Herald1986-04-12
A doctor with his work cut outEdinburgh Evening News1986-05-20
Royal bride Sarah Ferguson tames a Dalek last nightThe Press and Journal1986-07-04
Time lords!Edinburgh Evening News1986-09-17
Dr Who sells Tardis to help the childrenThe Herald1986-11-18
Colin Baker quits as the DoctorThe Herald1986-12-19
Unknown galaxies open up for Dunoon's Dr Who!Dunoon Observer & Argyllshire Standard1987-03-07
Enter a Dalek ...The Herald1987-03-20
The Real McCoyEdinburgh Evening News1987-08-26
Tops on the boxEdinburgh Evening News1987-09-07
Priestly start for Time LordThe Press and Journal1987-09-07
Last night's viewThe Herald1987-09-08
Galactic nasty for The DocThe Weekly News1987-11-21
My primeval monsters even turn up their snouts at the DaleksThe Herald1988-04-20
Dr. Who fans celebratingDaily Record1988-11-18
Daleks cease hostilities Dr Who turns 25The Herald1988-11-21
Silver jubileeThe Scotsman1988-11-23
Who's Tardis is on its wayAberdeen Evening Express1989-02-24
Actress Rebecca ThornhillThe Courier & Advertiser1989-02-24
Thatcher Calls In Dr Who!Daily Record1989-03-11
Timelord Jon wearing wellAberdeen Evening Express1989-03-31
Tardis Takes Off!Evening Telegraph1989-03-31
Dr Who beats all the best baddiesThe Press and Journal1989-04-04
McBain dies at height of TV careerThe Herald1989-04-27
Cult leader's mission to return to futureThe Herald1989-05-15
Doctor, we seem to have landed on our feet hereThe Herald1989-05-16
Who's that on the No. 68 bus?Edinburgh Evening News1989-07-05
It's Dr Who & the Daleks!Edinburgh and Lothians Post1989-07-06
Return of the DoctorThe Courier & Advertiser1990-09-01
Danger .. Daleks crossing!Daily Record1991-03-27
Fans sue to save Dr WhoDaily Record1991-10-09
Behind-the-armchair time travellersThe Scotsman1992-01-10
A timely look at the TimelordsEdinburgh Evening News1992-01-18
Who's next? (Edinburgh Evening News)Edinburgh Evening News1992-01-31
Double Delight For Dr Who FansThe Paisley Daily Express1992-03-13
Soldier BluePerthshire Advertiser1992-11-24
Launch to get sci-fi lookThe Press and Journal1993-10-21
Dr Who meets Eastenders ... in 3-DAberdeen Evening Express1993-11-03
BBC-style theme park plansThe Press and Journal1993-12-06
Just what the doctor ordered (Courier and Advertiser)The Courier & Advertiser1994-08-08
Back in the Tardis for doctor with timeless quality Dr Who: The SeventiesThe Scotsman1994-12-15
TV Fans bid for Dr Who boxesThe Press and Journal1995-08-04
Smart AlickEdinburgh Evening News1995-12-04
Dog designer shows his metalAberdeen Evening Express1995-12-05
Smart DalekDaily Record1996-01-11
Dr Who returns in TV revivalThe Courier & Advertiser1996-01-11
Doctor Who to return after time outThe Scotsman1996-01-11
It's Dr Who and the Dial-eks!Daily Record1996-01-31
The sands of timeDaily Record1996-02-17
Who's in there?Daily Record1996-04-01
Let's Do Time Lord AgainDaily Record1996-05-03
Up against the old enemyThe Herald1996-05-04
Raiders of the lost archivesThe Herald1996-05-04
McGann to star in a time-honoured roleThe Scotsman1996-05-15
Entertainment world pays tribute to the man who was probably the best Dr Who of allThe Herald1996-05-21
Tributes pour in for Dr Who starThe Press and Journal1996-05-21
Up against the DocDaily Record1996-05-25
Switch OnDaily Record1996-05-28
Private burial for Jon PertweeThe Courier & Advertiser1996-05-30
Pertwee is buriedAberdeen Evening Express1996-05-30
Dr Who exhibits lost in blazeThe Press and Journal1996-09-16
The time travel of their livesEdinburgh Evening News1996-11-26
Dr Who's Time Is UpDaily Record1996-12-07
Dr Who's future uncertainThe Press and Journal1996-12-07
A giant step from teacher to Time LordAberdeen Evening Express1998-07-10
Under Doctor's ordersThe Herald1999-05-18
Scots police box set for star role in Dr Who filmEdinburgh Evening News1999-09-01
Tardis appears from GlasgowThe Herald1999-09-01
Just what the Doctor ordered (The Scotsman)The Herald1999-11-11
Coming soon .. invasion of the aliensEdinburgh Evening News2000-05-23
Extortionate!Daily Record
The Mirror
Dr Who Named Lord Of The Sci-Fi HeroesThe Scotsman2002-12-28
Big day for Time LordsEdinburgh Evening News2003-06-10
Richard E Grant's emergence as the ninth Doctor Who - albeit in cartoon form - will also herald the character's full regeneration on televisionSunday Herald2003-11-09
Doctor Who Fans To Go Back In Time As Long-Lost Episode FoundScotland on Sunday2004-01-25
BBC timelord setting course for academiaSunday Herald2004-05-09
See Who JimmyDaily Record2005-03-10
Carry On DoctorSunday Herald2005-03-13
What Makes Who SpecialThe Scotsman2005-03-19
Dr Who Website In MeltdownDaily Record2005-04-02
Your View: Doctor Always Was A ThrillerDaily Record2005-04-19
A Famous Dram For The New Dr WhoThe Scotsman2005-04-22
My DIY DalekDaily Record2005-07-21
Eve's on Doctors' ordersDaily Record2006-02-25
Doctor Who makes cosmic returnDaily Record
Great Falls Tribune
Press & Sun-Bulletin
Asbury Park Press
Gannett News Service
The Cincinnati Enquirer
The Daily Journal
The Star Gazette
K9 back after 23-year pawsEdinburgh Evening News2006-04-25
Who DunntDaily Record2006-10-20
A Robot Santa? ... I Ain't BovveredDaily Record2006-11-30
Doctor's Orders Doctor's Orders!Evening Times2006-12-30
Here comes the bride - and the monsterThe Press and Journal2006-12-30
Former Doctor Who Talks About Life After The Tardis And Working In The USDaily Record2007-10-13
Who Wouldn't Want Kylie?Daily Record2007-11-29
Jack's The Lad For MeDaily Record2008-01-29
Who Are You? If Our Obsessions Define Us, What Does That Say About Fans Of A Certain Time Lord?The Scotsman2008-03-01
Look Who's coming!Evening Times2008-04-04
Doctor New: Catherine Tate brings new life to the Time LordEvening Times2008-04-05
Could time be up for Tennant as Time Lord?Edinburgh Evening News2008-07-05
Vworp! Stage leftEdinburgh Evening News2008-07-11
Race To See Doctor WhoThe Herald2008-11-18
Daleks aim to break recordThe Herald2008-11-27
Who Wear WowDaily Record
The Mirror
Doctor Who To Be Him... Or HerDaily Record2009-01-03
Matt Smith, that's WhoScotland on Sunday2009-01-04
I Cheated on Doctor WhoDaily Record2009-02-13
A law unto herselfScotland on Sunday2009-02-22
What Katy did nextEdinburgh Evening News2009-04-24
Doctor Who's new clothes go back in timeThe Herald
Evening Times
Who did Katy Manning do next? - Bette DavisEdinburgh Evening News2009-08-07
Young On Time TravelDaily Record2009-10-13
Barry Letts (The Herald)The Herald2009-10-16
It's Not The End Of The WorldThe Herald2009-12-19
It's Not What The Doctor OrderedDaily Record2010-01-07
Call for the DoctorThe Herald2010-01-13
TV viewers are the Doctor's greatest foeThe Herald2010-04-13
BBC blocks use of Dr Who as role model for gifted children charityThe Herald2010-04-17
Daleks, Cybermen and children what the Doctor orderedThe Herald2010-06-23
The Main Event: Doctor Who LiveScotland on Sunday2010-10-10
Lost soul of literature revels in the adventures of the DoctorScotland on Sunday2010-11-14
Panto favourite's career really took off with Doctor Who roleEvening Times2010-12-21
What The Dickens!Evening Times2010-12-22
Doctor Who stalwart dies at 81The Herald2011-02-24
Nicholas Courtney (The Herald)The Herald2011-02-26
In Thrall to the Archives of Empire: Torchwood -- "Children of Earth"Journal of British Cinema and Television2011-04-01
Dr Who Star Liz, 63, Loses Cancer FightDaily Record2011-04-20
Dressing To ImpressDaily Record2011-12-17
Home Sweet Tardis!Evening Times2011-12-27
Torchwood star Eve heads for GlasgowEvening Times2012-01-10
Just what the Doctor ordered (Scotland on Sunday)Scotland on Sunday2012-12-23
Bernard Horsfall obituaryThe Herald2013-02-02
Revenge of the Geeks: Fifty Years of Doctor WhoScreen Education2013-03-01
Who's got answers on Time Lord?Evening Times2013-03-23
Kinnear favourite to be the next Dr WhoThe Herald2013-06-10
And the geek shall inherit the earth..Daily Record
The Sunday Mail (Queensland)
Revealed: Capaldi's early role in Dr Who fan clubThe Herald2013-08-08
Doctor Who will always go onThe Scotsman2013-08-13
Tom's the Time Lord for meScottish Daily Mail2013-08-23
Homecoming for new-look GillianThe Courier & Advertiser2013-09-30
Who's that girl? (2013)The Herald2013-09-30
Doctor to be time zone Time LordThe Press and Journal2013-10-02
Why it could pay to check the attic for a dusty DalekThe Scottish Mail on Sunday2013-11-10
You wait six months for a Doctor, then three turn up all at once ...The Sunday Mail (Scotland)2013-11-10
The Doctors' Signatures with Healthy ReturnsThe Scottish Mail on Sunday2013-11-10
Doctors and Daleks let loose at Buckingham PalaceThe Herald2013-11-19
Doctor Two (Daily Record)Daily Record2013-11-19
Doctor writes a prescription for patienceEvening Telegraph2013-11-22
Steven's the man who gives the Doctor ordersDaily Record2013-11-23
I'm the show's Time LadyDaily Record2013-11-23
Time for a changeThe Herald2013-12-26
The new Doctor gets into Thick Of It ... with a Scottish accent!Daily Mail
Scottish Daily Mail
Capaldi tops Christmas TV ratingsThe Scotsman2013-12-27
Ratings cheer for Doctor Who and sitcom Mrs Brown's BoysEvening Times2013-12-27
Books of the weekDaily Record
The Sunday Mail (Scotland)
Tangle with dress defeats new DoctorThe Press and Journal2014-01-08
Who’s that nervous new Doctor at the BBC?The Scotsman2014-01-08
The Doctor will see you now, ClaraDaily Record2014-01-08
Gillan hoping to make film about ShackletonThe Press and Journal2014-01-20
Christopher Barry obituary (The Herald)The Herald2014-02-17
Christopher Barry obituaryThe Scotsman2014-02-18
Doctor Who with a Glasgow accent ... it is the end of the worldThe Scotsman2014-03-21
Comedian Skinner to star in new Doctor Who seriesThe Courier & Advertiser2014-05-17
Dr Who & the DalexThe Scottish Sun2014-07-09
No time for loveDaily Record2014-07-28
New Doctor will be 'dark and different'Evening Times2014-08-08
WhoeegielandThe Scottish Sun2014-08-21
The Tardis Has A New Doctor At The HelmThe Press and Journal2014-08-23
Is new Doctor too scary for kids?Daily Mail
Scottish Daily Mail
Homophobia row as BBC censors Doctor Who's lizard woman kissThe Mail on Sunday
The Scottish Mail on Sunday
Doctor WhollywoodDaily Record
The Mail on Sunday
Doctor Who.B.EDaily Record2015-06-13
Dr Who writer: Plan to reform BBC is wretched and wrongThe Herald2015-07-24
Dare to meet Daleks at eventAberdeen Evening Express2015-09-18
Doc's got the prescription for adventureEvening Times2015-09-19
Last time in Tardis for Doctor Who's ColemanThe Press and Journal2015-09-19
Dr Who tale of spaceships and SmokiesThe Courier & Advertiser2015-09-22
Insensitive jet blast scene shocks Doctor Who fansThe Scottish Mail on Sunday2015-11-08
John Cura: Pioneer of the Television ArchiveJournal of British Cinema and Television2016-01-01
Scots creator of TV sleuth Bergerac diesThe Herald2016-01-16
The one you watched when you were twelve: regenerations of Doctor Who and enduring fandom's 'life-transitional objects'Journal of British Cinema and Television2017-04-01
Class Act: Time Lady Jodie Backed After Fans' BacklashDaily Record2017-07-18
Roll up, roll up to see Peter Capaldi in the Tardis for the final timeDaily Record
The Mirror
New Doctor makes a big entranceDaily Record2017-12-26
Time Lord slot takes to the TardisDaily Record2018-02-07
Doctor's Companions Are Reaching The TopDaily Record2018-02-10
New Doctor Jodie wants to pave the way for more female TimelordsDaily Record2018-07-17
Jodie Set for Role as the 13th DoctorDaily Record2018-09-24
Hip Hip Who RayDaily Record2018-10-08
Who are ya? (Daily Record)Daily Record2018-10-09
Reality is so horrible that we need places to hideDaily Record2018-10-10
Doc to face the Daleks at New YearDaily Record2018-12-07
Doctor turns back time for viewersDaily Record2018-12-18
Doctor gets Christmas heave-WhoDaily Record2019-11-20
Doctor Who fans get New Year's treatDaily Record2019-12-03
Doctor throughDaily Record2021-01-04
Time's up for JodieDaily Record2021-10-30