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Canada (225 articles)publicationdate
Monsters on marchThe Gaston Gazette
Austin American-Statesman
The Register-Herald
Mt. Vernon Register-News
Burlington Times-News
The Lima News
Ottawa Citizen
Newspaper Enterprise Association
Bristol Daily Courier
Santa Cruz Sentinel
The Edwardsville Intelligencer
Greenwood Index-Journal
The Bridgeport Telegram
The Vernon Daily Record
Freeport Journal-Standard
Franklin News-Herald
La Crosse Tribune
The Republic
Fitchburg Sentinel
Raleigh Register
Pulaski Southwest Times
Corpus Christi Caller Times
Frederick News
The Victoria Advocate
Will this man influence young minds?CBC Times1965-01-23
Dr. Who meets dreaded DaleksOttawa Citizen1965-02-27
Doctor Who Goes Back To Marco Polo DaysOttawa Citizen
Ottawa Journal
Doctor Who In New SeriesWinnipeg Free Press1965-04-18
Broke but not downheartedOttawa Citizen1965-05-31
The Vicious Voords Menace To Dr. WhoWinnipeg Free Press1965-06-13
New Space Chills Via Flesh-EatersOttawa Journal1965-06-19
Thames ProwlerMontreal Gazette1965-08-23
Daleks a Hit In BBC SerialThe Bermuda Recorder
Winnipeg Free Press
Aden Journal
Who's Who in the time warp?The Listener
Ottawa Journal
Saturday previewToronto Star1976-09-11
Ashford's Choice (1976-09-18)Ottawa Citizen1976-09-18
A Season for All ViewersOttawa Journal1976-09-18
A science fiction seriesOttawa Journal1976-09-25
Ashford's Choice (1976-10-02)Ottawa Citizen1976-10-02
Jon Pertwee is whoOttawa Journal1976-12-04
Dr. Who a cantankerous cult heroEdmonton Journal
The Province
Calgary Herald
The Windsor Star
The Medicine Hat News
This is a must week for Doctor Who fansOttawa Journal1977-10-29
Of higglers, body snatchers, and Dr. Who (Who?)Ottawa Journal1978-02-04
Mary Tamm teeb karjääriVaba Eestlane1978-05-04
Action!Ottawa Journal1979-02-03
About Doctor WhoOttawa Citizen1979-02-24
TVOntario kills Dr. Who after 'racism' protestToronto Star1980-11-06
TVOntario cancels rest of Dr. WhoOttawa Citizen
The Canadian Press
Black group tells CRTC racists using the mediaThe Globe and Mail1981-05-26
How does something sinister crawling up your leg sound?The Globe and Mail1982-03-20
Doctor Who's on first for his avid TV fan clubOttawa Citizen1983-10-11
Galaxy-jumping Dr. Who lands in HollywoodThe Tampa Tribune
The Paris News
The Daily Intelligencer
The Palm Beach Post
The New Mexican
Edmonton Journal
The Globe and Mail
The Indianapolis Star
The Newark Advocate
Nashua Telegraph
Ocala Star-Banner
The Spokesman-Review
The Wichita Eagle
Albuquerque Journal
Green Bay Press-Gazette
South Bend Tribune
Pensacola News Journal
The Daily News-Journal
Daily World
Lebanon Daily News
The Journal Times
The Missoulian
Longview News-Journal
Quad-City Times
Asbury Park Press
Albany Democrat-Herald
The Morning News
The Journal-News
Herald & Review
Poughkeepsie Journal
The Daily American
The Daily Times
Battle Creek Enquirer
The News Leader
Iowa City Press-Citizen
Mansfield News-Journal
Regina Leader-Post
York Daily Record
Madison Capital Times
Burlington Daily Times
Colorado Springs Gazette
Bradon Sun
The News Tribune
The Peninsula Times Tribune
The Post-Standard
Dr. Who fans distressed ... series may fade outTimes Colonist1985-02-28
Thatcher favors advertising but prospect horrifies BBCTimes Colonist1985-03-11
Starbase 12The Gateway1985-04-02
Michael Grade Brings Hollywood Style to BBCThe New York Times
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The Globe and Mail
Fantasy open house: war games, fictionTimes Colonist1985-05-01
Dr. Who stays onTimes Colonist1985-05-15
U.S. TV looking BritishThe Province
Scripps Howard News Service
Strictly for the Dr. Who DevoteesThe Vancouver Sun1985-07-27
Who's Who? He's the Doctor, Who Else?The Vancouver Sun1985-08-17
The return of a science fiction greatThe Globe and Mail1985-10-19
A misunderstandingThe Globe and Mail1985-10-23
Dr. Who vs. the BBC: The tale of a superhero's setback and its consequencesEdmonton Journal
Ottawa Citizen
Lakeland Ledger
Dayton Daily News
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Albuquerque Journal
Daily Press
The Daily Register
La Crosse Tribune
York Daily Record
Chicago Tribune
Wisconsin State Journal
The Kansas City Star
Type 40 Dr. WhoOttawa Citizen1986-01-03
The Commerce of FantasyThe Province1986-04-25
Doing in a Dalek used to be more funThe Province1986-07-18
Sheer simplicity the key to Doctor Who's popularityToronto Star1986-08-20
Mary Tamm filmisVaba Eestlane1986-10-01
Honoring TV pioneer NewmanThe Vancouver Sun1987-02-11
A 'remarkable Canadian' who changed the face of TVThe Globe and Mail1987-02-11
Former star of Dr. Who dies in hotelEdmonton Journal
The Vancouver Sun
The Windsor Star
The Oklahoman
Actress says little girls need sci-fi role modelsThe Bakersfield Californian
Associated Press
The Globe and Mail
Reading Eagle
The Lexington Dispatch
Spokane Chronicle
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Daily World
News Journal
Quad-City Times
Statesman Journal
Indianapolis News
Florida Today
The Odessa American
The Sentinel
Casper Star-Tribune
The Paducah Sun
New Jersey Herald
Honolulu Star-Bulletin
The Daily Advertiser
Centre Daily Times
The Abilene Reporter-News
What's 900 years old and fights squishies?Toronto Star1987-07-05
Telewhovians rejoice at travelling exhibitionWinnipeg Free Press1987-07-06
History and mystery haunt Chiselhurst's ancient cavesToronto Star1987-10-31
Tom Baker's teasing performance and low-budget special effects bring Dr. Who episodes to lifeToronto Star1987-11-21
There's no Who like an old WhoOttawa Citizen1988-12-11
Whovians have landedWinnipeg Free Press1988-12-27
Doctor Who 25th AnniversaryToronto Star1989-04-02
Doctor Who shows great resilience through time-and-space adventureMontreal Gazette1989-08-19
Dr. WhodunitToronto Star1989-11-11
Dr. Who makes a house callToronto Star1990-01-14
Dr. Who fans get magazine, pen pals and upset by errorsOttawa Citizen1990-04-21
Move over Trekkies, the Doctor's TV series is still going strongOttawa Citizen1990-04-21
A tale of a Time LordCalgary Herald1990-04-22
Who are you, Whovians?Winnipeg Free Press1990-04-29
There have been seven actors playing the lead role in the science fiction program but Doctor Who's popularity has never been greaterThe Vancouver Sun
The Windsor Star
Doctor Who fans know their stuffThe Vancouver Sun
The Windsor Star
For the fan who has everythingThe Guardian
Ottawa Citizen
Saving the world from dastardly aliensThe Globe and Mail1996-05-11
Paul McGann is eighth 'Doctor Who' this time in two-hour Fox movieThe Tampa Tribune
Philadelphia Daily News
Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph
Ottawa Citizen
Knight Ridder
The Free Lance-Star
The San Bernadino County Sun
Albuquerque Journal
The Clarion-Ledger
Pensacola News Journal
The Californian
The Daily Advertiser
Rockland Journal-News
The Brownsville Herald
You Know WhoMilwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Medicine Hat News
Who cares about bad knockoffs?The Globe and Mail1996-05-14
Jon Pertwee obituaryAssociated Press
Toronto Sun
Lives Lived: Jon PertweeThe Globe and Mail1996-05-24
Producer created AvengersOttawa Citizen1997-11-01
Lost Dr. Who foundWinnipeg Free Press1998-01-29
Missing 'Dr. Who' Episode Turns UpAssociated Press
Times Colonist
The Vancouver Sun
Spartanburg Herald-Journal
The Cedar Rapids Gazette
The San Francisco Examiner
Rapid City Journal
Lost Dr. Who Episode Deemed Not AcceptableNational Post1999-02-23
Donald CottonNational Post2000-01-28
V ShopNational Post2000-09-05
Cult Favorite 'Doctor Who' Coming BackAssociated Press
Austin American-Statesman
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The Palm Beach Post
Edmonton Journal
Times Colonist
Calgary Herald
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
The Daily Chronicle
The Courier-News (New Jersey)
Lansing State Journal
Fond du Lac Reporter
Opelousas Daily World
The Daily Dispatch
Daily World
The Journal Times
Regina Leader-Post
Red Deer Advocate
Windsor Star
Doctor Who: funny he never married ...Sunday Independent
Ottawa Citizen
National Post
The Daily Telegraph
The sexiest Time Lord yetThe Globe and Mail2005-03-26
Doctor Who returnsThe Gazette
The Province
Canadian TV worker fired for leaking Doctor WhoEdmonton Journal
Ottawa Citizen
Times Colonist
The Vancouver Sun
Calgary Herald
Regina Leader-Post
CanWest News Service
The StarPhoenix
Carry on, Doctor WhoNational Post2005-04-02
The Doctor returnsThe Globe and Mail2005-04-02
Mystery man returnsTimes Colonist
The Windsor Star
CanWest News Service
Dr. Who wants to see you—againMacleans2005-04-04
Who's back. And Who's looking vastly entertainingThe Globe and Mail2005-04-05
Canada hears a WhoNational Post
CanWest News Service
Who knew Doctor Who revival would be so good?The Windsor Star
CanWest News Service
Doctor Who brought back to life in new seriesThe Gazette
Edmonton Journal
Times Colonist
National Post
The Vancouver Sun
Regina Leader-Post
CanWest News Service
Actor dons Doctor Who cloakOttawa Citizen
Times Colonist
Calgary Herald
CanWest News Service
Singing detective to play Dr. WhoThe Vancouver Sun
CanWest News Service
Dr. Who leak spawns 'pre-TV'Ottawa Citizen
The Vancouver Sun
Calgary Herald
Doctor Who spinoff 'dark, sexy'Associated Press
Edmonton Journal
Capt. Jack Gets Own ShowPerceptions2006-02-01
The Queen has a new favourite DoctorNational Post2006-02-25
Wacky, witty new series should please Doctor Who fansOttawa Citizen
The Vancouver Sun
Doctor Who most family-friendly hour on TV right nowThe Gazette
Times Colonist
Regina Leader-Post
The Cybermen clank back into businessOttawa Citizen2006-11-20
My Hero, 'who' else but the BBC?National Post2007-01-20
Another new Doctor Who will see you nowThe Gazette
CanWest News Service
Doctor Who gets scary — well, sort ofOttawa Citizen
Times Colonist
The Vancouver Sun
CanWest News Service
Doctor Who ends its season on a sober noteOttawa Citizen
Times Colonist
The Vancouver Sun
CanWest News Service
The definitive Englishman, tweed coat, time travel and allThe Globe and Mail2007-06-15
Doctor Who in medical emergencyThe Gazette
Times Colonist
Regina Leader-Post
CanWest News Service
Doctor Who is many things, but dull isn't one of themOttawa Citizen
Times Colonist
The Vancouver Sun
The Windsor Star
CanWest News Service
Doctor Who a pleasure to watchRegina Leader-Post2007-06-18
Freema Agyeman, Doctor Who's latest companion, is also the first visible minority to join him on his travelsToronto Star2007-07-07
Doctor Who pal hits small screenCanWest News Service
Nanaimo Daily News
Gritty new sci-fi series is just what the Dr. Who orderedWinnipeg Free Press2007-10-05
Anything goesEdmonton Journal
Ottawa Citizen
National Post
Dark, sexy Torchwood a supernatural delightEdmonton Journal
Times Colonist
Calgary Herald
Regina Leader-Post
CanWest News Service
Nanaimo Daily News
Big DVDThe Province2008-01-22
Captain Jack hooks 'emNational Post
The Province
Calgary Herald
CanWest News Service
We'll always have freebootingNational Post2008-08-07
Stardom hurts Torchwood star's inner geekOttawa Citizen2008-08-08
How Dr. Who travelsWinnipeg Free Press2008-09-03
Things fall apart on Torchwood as the series' current run burns outOttawa Citizen2008-10-24
End of season for sci-fi fave TorchwoodEdmonton Journal2008-10-24
Doctor Who Producer Receives Royal HonorThe New York Times
National Post
Why the Cybermen Stomp: Sound in the New Doctor WhoMosaic2009-06-01
Aliens first, relationships laterAssociated Press
Toronto Star
Who-niverse: The man who regenerated Doctor Who hits the limelightToronto Star2009-07-25
He's still the hero, no matter who he kissesThe Globe and Mail2009-07-31
Season 5 of 'Doctor Who' brings new slate of actorsOttawa Citizen
The Province
Regina Leader-Post
CanWest News Service
Doctor Who set to regenerateOttawa Citizen
CanWest News Service
Time Lord bows outThe Gazette
CanWest News Service
One last spin in a rather nifty phone boothThe Globe and Mail2009-12-18
Doctor Who regeneratesThe Gazette
CanWest News Service
He looks awfully young to be a DoctorThe Globe and Mail2010-04-16
The new Doctor is in at lastToronto Star2010-04-17
Doctor Who continues to amazeOttawa Citizen
CanWest News Service
The (new) Doctor is in; the diagnosis is goodWinnipeg Free Press2010-04-17
Young Doctor Who crosses the AtlanticThe Gazette
CanWest News Service
There's all new Dr. WhoCalgary Herald
CanWest News Service
Waterloo Doctor Who buffs build life-sized DalekToronto Star2010-07-17
Doctor Who smart sci-fiEdmonton Journal
Ottawa Citizen
Calgary Herald
Postmedia News
Top off Christmas Day with BBC's 'Doctor Who Christmas Special'Calgary Herald
McClatchy News Service
Great Falls Tribune
Tallahassee Democrat
The Record
Dr. Who takes on world's ScroogesTimes Colonist
Postmedia News
Falling in love with Doctor WhoOttawa Citizen
Postmedia News
It looks as if Doctor Who has done itThe Gazette2011-04-23
A Doctor Who for modern timesThe Globe and Mail2011-04-27
Canadian deal unsettles Scots; Dr. Who's jacketThe Gazette
Calgary Herald
Postmedia News
At least they weren't made by Daleks!National Post
Postmedia News
New actor has made Doctor Who his ownRegina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
New Doctor revives aging networkOttawa Citizen2011-06-04
Who spinoff is not for kidsRegina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
Torchwood's miracle lies in series writer's daringEdmonton Journal2011-07-06
Young folks take charge on Doctor WhoTimes Colonist
The Vancouver Sun
Postmedia News
Doctor Who shows off its bestRegina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
Forever youngTimes Colonist
Calgary Herald
Regina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
It's Doc vs. Hitler in new Doctor WhoRegina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series (Blu-ray)Regina Leader-Post2011-12-17
Big event: Doctor Who: The Doctor, The Widow and The WardrobeRegina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
Doctor Who Reinvents the Christmas ClassicEdmonton Journal
Times Colonist
The Doctor Knows BestAlternatives Journal2012-05-01
Doctor Who turns to filmReuters
Regina Leader-Post
Dr. Who and the Wild West on tube this weekendOttawa Citizen
Postmedia News
Doctor Who, in its glorious eccentricityCalgary Herald
Postmedia News
Great TV dramas just what the Doctor orderedRegina Leader-Post2012-09-01
Doctor Who: Death To The DaleksRegina Leader-Post2012-09-08
Dr. Who sues News Corp.Calgary Herald2012-09-18
Shatner won't be appearing on Dr. WhoThe Gazette
Postmedia News
Police seek rightful owners of abandoned angel statueMetro (Halifax, NS)2013-01-23
From chimney pot to Daleks; Dr. Who designer said to have been inspired by school roof lineEdmonton Journal2013-03-04
Doctor Who finds love and gets his mojo backThe Gazette
Ottawa Citizen
The Vancouver Sun
The Windsor Star
Postmedia News
New companion for Doctor WhoRegina Leader-Post2013-03-30
Original Doctor Who girl envies modern seriesRegina Leader-Post2013-04-10
Doctor Who can be wildly unevenRegina Leader-Post2013-04-20
David Beckham, Harry Potter star hyped as possible Doctor Who replacementsRegina Leader-Post2013-06-06
Make the next Doctor Who a womanRegina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
Doctor Who? Matt Smith departure imminentRegina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
Doctor Who to go global in fallRegina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
Actor saying fond farewell to iconic roleOttawa Citizen
Postmedia News
As Doctor Who celebrates big 5-0, another era endsToronto Star2013-07-28
The new doctor is inNational Post2013-08-06
BBC rolls out the hype in Doctor Who revealRegina Leader-Post2013-08-06
Frazer Hines Knows Who's Who Among the WhosRegina Leader-Post2013-09-14
Could Doctor Who be a woman one day?The Province2013-09-29
BBC to unveil episodes believed lostThe Vancouver Sun2013-10-09
BBC finds nine missing 'Doctor Who' episodes in NigeriaWaterloo Region Record2013-10-12
Doctor Who devotees accept the absurdEdmonton Journal
Times Colonist
The Vancouver Sun
Calgary Herald
Fifty years of The DoctorSt. John's Telegram2013-11-06
Doctor Who: The Complete Seventh Series (2013)Regina Leader-Post2013-11-09
A trip through timeWinnipeg Free Press2013-11-21
Dr. Who marks 50 years of time travelThe Kamloops Daily News2013-11-21
Sydney NewmanToronto Star
Waterloo Region Record
Guelph Mercury
BBC plans birthday bash as 'Doctor Who' turns 50Associated Press
The New Zealand Herald
The Western Star
Northwest Herald
Daily Herald
His Time is nowThe London Free Press2013-11-22
Les festivités du 50e de Doctor WhoMétro Montreal2013-11-22
Matt Smith bids tearful farewell to Doctor WhoThe Gazette
Ottawa Gazette
Sci-fi hit was born in another worldTimes Colonist2013-11-22
Fans rejoice! Baker's Day has comeThe London Free Press2013-11-22
Doctor Who tale a living time capsuleRegina Leader-Post2013-11-22
Smith to bid farewell to sci-fi hit Doctor WhoRegina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
Happy 50th, Doctor WhoThe Gazette
Ottawa Citizen
77 millions de téléspectateurs ont vu l’épisode spécial de Doctor WhoLe Journal de Québec2013-11-27
Dr. Who is coming to town this weekendOttawa Citizen2013-12-05
New Time Lord the only one ever in the runningWorld Entertainment News Network
The Welland Tribune
The Belleville Intelligencer
The Sarnia Observer
The Barrie Examiner
The Beacon Herald
The Sudbury Star
Kingston Whig-Standard
The Niagara Falls Review
The Peterborough Examiner
The St. Catherines Standard
The Day of the DoctorRegina Leader-Post2013-12-21
BBC accountant jailed over Doctor Who theftKingston Whig-Standard
The Daily Observer
Orillia Packet and Times
Timmins Press
British-born actress delighted in Dynasty, Doctor WhoThe Vancouver Sun2014-03-31
Comic Expo goes boom! Pow! Blam!Metro (Calgary)2014-04-17
Doctor Who icon hails new WhoThe Vancouver Sun
Calgary Herald
The Windsor Star
Regina Leader-Post
Witness the origins of Doctor Who in Adventure in Space and TimeRegina Leader-Post2014-06-14
Fan of Doctor Who searches for lost episodes of cult TV classicThe Gazette2014-07-23
Who knew? (Postmedia News)Ottawa Citizen
Postmedia News
Say hello to the new Doctor WhoRegina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
A new, older Doctor Who is back to scratch your itchThe Gazette2014-08-21
Doctor Who: Deep BreathRegina Leader-Post2014-09-27
Mind the Dalek: U.S. professor offers course in Doctor WhoOttawa Citizen2014-11-11
Academic to deliver course on Dr. WhoEdmonton Journal2014-11-12
Doctor Who: Series 8Regina Leader-Post2014-12-20
Doctor Who: Last Christmas (Regina Leader-Post)Regina Leader-Post2015-03-07
Weird and wonderful WalesThe Province2016-03-29
Medical problems don't slow Dr. WhoRegina Leader-Post2016-04-25
The Salvific Power of Friendship, Memory, and Time in Augustine’s Confessions and in the Revived Doctor WhoThe Journal of Religion and Popular Culture2016-09-01
Old as the hills ... fresh as paintOttawa Citizen
The Canadian Press
Doctor Who Season 10 set for liftoffRegina Leader-Post2017-04-15
A female Doctor Who?Ottawa Citizen
Regina Leader-Post
Debating DiversityRegina Leader-Post2017-07-22
Watch the Blood-Soaked Old General in Action: Blochian Atheism, Exodus, and Utopia in Doctor WhoThe Journal of Religion and Popular Culture2018-06-15
The Doctor Is In Safe HandsRegina Leader-Post2018-10-13