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Australia (280 articles)publicationdate
Weird exile from spaceTV Times (Australia)1965-01-06
Who's Who? (TV Week)TV Week (Australia)1965-01-09
First programme in a new B.B.C. science fiction adventure serialThe Canberra Times1965-01-11
What to stay home forThe Canberra Times1965-01-11
Did you know?The Australian Women's Weekly1965-02-10
'Ware the DaleksThe Age1965-02-19
Doctor in SpaceThe Australian Women's Weekly1965-03-24
Once bitten, Bill's not shyTV Week (Australia)1965-03-27
William Hartnell as Dr. WhoThe Canberra Times1965-05-16
Take a Dalek to the beachThe Australian Women's Weekly1965-06-16
The times of the AztecsThe Canberra Times1965-07-19
Killer girls of the ABCAustralasian Post1965-07-29
Horrors--on TVLaunceston Express1965-08-21
Moderately enjoyable fare for juveniles undaunted by spooky forests and ThingsThe Age1965-12-20
Quick, the ray gun ..!Australasian Post1966-03-24
Wonderland PicturesThe Western Herald1966-07-01
Not a peep out of them thanks to ABC-TVThe Australian Women's Weekly1966-10-12
Two O'Clock RushThe Age1966-10-13
Dr Who in the Scottish HighlandsThe Canberra Times1967-08-28
Patrick Troughton makes a younger if less cantankerous Dr. WhoThe Age1967-09-12
Dr Who music man hereThe Canberra Times1968-05-09
Australian Setting in Dr. WhoThe Manning River Times1968-10-15
Even Dr. Who would be quite acceptableTV Week (Australia)1972-07-01
Dr. Who's Space-Age CarWeekender1973-12-13
Weird Dalek Is A Practical InventionThe Australian Women's Weekly1974-11-13
Original 'Dr Who' DiesThe Canberra Times1975-04-25
It looks like a DalekThe Sydney Morning Herald1977-10-03
Standing up for Dr WhoThe Sydney Morning Herald1978-08-07
Doctor Who (TV Scene)TV Scene1978-12-23
Two Daleks were at Sydney AirportThe Canberra Times1979-02-04
Who is Tom? You're right!The Sydney Morning Herald1979-02-11
Well look Who's hereThe Age1979-02-16
The monk who became Dr WhoThe Sydney Morning Herald1979-02-19
A Dr. Who encounter of the philosophical kindThe Age1979-02-22
RoselandsThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1979-02-27
Nothing new under the sun for TV executiveThe Sydney Morning Herald1979-11-12
Dalek startles strollers in CivicThe Canberra Times1979-11-15
Dr. Who fans get togetherThe Age1979-11-23
Doctor Who for the grown-upsThe Age1980-01-24
Dr. Who's avid fan down underThe Age1980-02-14
Lalla Wooed by Dr WhoThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1980-02-18
Dr Who ads 'successful'The Canberra Times1980-03-05
The good doctor at workThe Age1980-04-30
Who's Re-runsTV Week (Australia)1980-05-03
Dalek ChaseElectronics Today International (Australia)1980-06-01
Tuning up 'Doctor Who'The Canberra Times1980-08-10
Doctor's dilemma (The Age)The Age1980-08-25
Readers put their views about Dr Who's sex lifeThe Age1980-08-26
Dalek loverThe Age1980-08-27
What is Dr Who?The Age1980-08-28
A dog's lifeThe Age1980-10-13
Dr Who gets Aussie co-starThe Sydney Morning Herald1980-10-26
Tristan as Dr WhoThe Canberra Times1980-11-07
New image for Dr WhoThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1980-11-20
It's getting to be a tight squeeze in Dr Who's time machine these daysThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1980-12-04
All creatures great for the new Dr WhoThe Australian Women's Weekly1981-02-11
Doctor Where? (The Age)The Age1981-05-21
More Demand for Dr. WhoThe Age1981-06-04
A family affair at YannathanThe Age1981-06-11
Much ado about Dr WhoThe Age1981-06-11
Dr Who fans uniteThe Age1981-06-18
Doctor Who's Aussie HelperThe Australian Women's Weekly1982-01-13
In View (The Age)The Age1982-01-28
All the latest on Dr WhoThe Age1982-03-04
Loons and toons fan the mirth at the NimrodThe Sydney Morning Herald1982-03-05
Time machine back in townThe Age1982-03-09
Will the doctor bowl 'em over?The Age1982-04-22
Dr Who? Dr Davison, with cricket bat, takes over the phone boothThe Sydney Morning Herald1982-04-26
A new face for 'Dr Who'The Sydney Morning Herald1982-04-26
Meet the new Dr WhoThe Sun News Pictorial1982-05-04
It's Dr Who dunnit!TV Scene1982-05-15
Dr Who societyThe Canberra Times1982-07-21
Contest for Dr Who fansThe Age1982-08-26
Dr Who finds time his rulerThe Age1982-08-26
Two 12-year-olds win the DaleksThe Age1982-09-09
Dr Who: Similarity and DifferenceAustralian Journal of Screen Theory1982-11-15
Birthday surprise for the doctorThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)1983-01-20
Who mania raging onThe Age1983-02-17
And the ABC asks: Dr Who?The Daily Telegraph (Australia)1983-04-12
Dr Who's Triple TricksterTV Scene1983-05-14
Tegan Calls a Truce with the DaleksThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)1983-05-30
Plea for new 'Dr Who'The Canberra Times1983-06-12
Brian Blessed-- that's WhoThe Sydney Morning Herald1983-08-15
The TARDIS principle: don't let time pass you byThe Sydney Morning Herald1983-08-15
Many faces Dr WhoThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1983-10-24
Special salute set for 'Dr. Who's anniversaryAssociated Press
Burlington Times-News
The New Mexican
Syracuse Herald-Journal
The Canberra Times
Nashua Telegraph
The Schenectady Gazette
Reading Eagle
The Spokesman-Review
The Gettysburg Times
The Day (New London CT)
The Miami Herald
Hartford Courant
Tallahassee Democrat
Statesman Journal
Daily Herald
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
The Yuma Daily Sun
Playground Daily News
Desert Sun
Time Lord Marches OnThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1983-11-23
20 years of Drs WhoThe Age1983-11-24
Dr Who escapes again for a birthday reunionThe Sydney Morning Herald1983-11-28
Exploring the WhoniverseThe Age1983-12-08
Who's 20The Sun (Sydney, NSW)1983-12-12
Eccentric, irritable Dr Who a timeless heroThe Canberra Times1983-12-12
Doctors Who too much of a good thingThe Age1983-12-14
Dr Who'd-Have-Thought-ItThe Sydney Morning Herald1983-12-18
Dr Who's leading lady finds a new role in lifeThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)1983-12-19
Doctor Who Is More Of A Doctor What...The Sydney Morning Herald1984-01-15
Tardis Fading ForeverThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1984-01-20
Dr Who is one out of the boxThe Age1984-01-26
WHO he really is!TV Scene1984-02-04
The new girl in the life of Doctor Who, the TV sci-fi hero whose adventures are followed by millions of Australians, has made a rather dramatic debutThe Sydney Morning Herald1984-03-04
Look Who's Got Sex Appeal!TV Scene1984-04-21
The TARDIS has been given a reprieveThe Sydney Morning Herald1984-04-22
Call the Dr., pleaseThe Sydney Morning Herald
Film Comment
Australian censors Ban Dr WhoStar Enquirer1984-05-16
Dr Who club partyThe Canberra Times1984-06-18
Oh Time LordThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1984-06-25
Dr Who's partyThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1984-10-25
A Bird's Eye ViewThe Canberra Times1985-03-03
Whoies Play Doctor At Convention In New OrleansAssociated Press
The Canberra Times
Los Angeles Times
The Daytona Beach News-Journal
The News & Observer
The Clarion-Ledger
The Courier-News (New Jersey)
Poughkeepsie Journal
Hattiesburg American
The Lincoln Star
The Odessa American
The Shreveport Times
Sioux City Journal
The Victoria Advocate
St. Joseph News-Press
The Evansville Courier
Tardis travelThe Sydney Morning Herald1985-10-27
Gratuitous violence for kids' TVThe Canberra Times1985-12-08
Sexy Nicola's dressing downThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1985-12-13
Who, indeed!The Sydney Morning Herald1985-12-15
Dr Who, your time is upThe Canberra Times1985-12-16
Box of Delights a real treat for allThe Age1985-12-19
Will the new Who get exterminated?The Sydney Morning Herald1986-01-20
Dr Who's 'Shock' ReturnThe Sydney Morning Herald1986-03-16
The greatest Dr Who of all makes a comebackThe Sydney Morning Herald1986-04-09
Lindy Chamberlain saga to be major British filmThe Sydney Morning Herald1986-04-28
Find adventure with Dr WhoThe Sydney Morning Herald1986-06-01
Another life for Dr Who: BBC show revitalisedThe Canberra Times1986-09-22
Dr Who Back in ActionTV Scene1986-10-25
Dr Who: This Time The Fight Is RealThe Sunday Mail (Queensland)1987-09-20
Da-lekkin'Street Machine1987-10-01
Katy's Life After Dr WhoThe Courier Mail1987-12-05
Just what the doctor orderedThe Age1988-02-04
Actress Katy Manning at the Dr Who national convention in PerthTV Week (Australia)1988-02-06
Dr Who Fan ClubThe Sydney Morning Herald1988-06-10
Doctorin' the TardisThe Canberra Times1988-09-08
Fans of the British sci-fi series, 'Dr Who', have bombarded this newspaper recently with pleas for helpThe Age1988-09-15
Doctor Who fans get cooking SaturdayThe Sun-Herald1988-10-21
Dr Who and Spock have 'em hookedThe Sydney Morning Herald1988-10-27
The Time Lord is in troubleThe Sydney Morning Herald1988-10-31
Ferreting out the culpritsThe Age1988-11-10
Happy birthday to Who (The Canberra Times)The Canberra Times1988-11-14
Sophie's Tardis trickThe Sydney Morning Herald1988-11-20
The Doctor in quintuplicateThe Canberra Times1988-11-28
Letters to The GuideThe Canberra Times1988-11-28
All The World's A StageThe Sydney Morning Herald1989-01-16
Good doctor takes on wasps in spaceThe Canberra Times1989-01-16
Dr Who now on stageThe Canberra Times1989-01-19
Jon Pertwee: putting Dr Who on stageNew Idea1989-05-13
Genesis of the Daleks (Victor Harbor Times)Victor Harbor Times1989-05-26
Who's Party Is It? The Doctor'sThe Sydney Morning Herald1990-01-11
Big changes in store as Doctor leaves the BBCThe Canberra Times1990-01-15
Episode gapsThe Canberra Times1990-02-26
Dr Who Pair To Meet In Brisbane Time WarpThe Courier Mail1990-10-06
Who Does The Doctor Fear The Most? Exuberant FansThe Sydney Morning Herald1990-10-22
Flashback in time to Dr WhoThe Sydney Morning Herald1993-07-25
Time Lord Back From The UniverseThe Sunday Mail (Queensland)1993-11-21
Pick Alan, not Hugh, as the next Dr WhoThe Canberra Times1994-05-29
Look who's being revivedThe Sydney Morning Herald1996-05-01
Universe in Trouble? Just Call Doctor WhoThe New York Times
The Age
The Anniston Star
The what, when & how of the new Doctor WhoThe Age1996-06-02
Time Lord ImmemorialWho Weekly1996-06-03
There's no business like Who businessThe Age1996-07-04
Dr Who returnsThe Times (Victor Harbor, South Australia)1996-07-05
Dr Who and arch rival the Daleks drop in on Haverfordwest Carnival on SaturdayThe Mercury1996-07-26
Doctor Who has changedWoroni1996-08-15
The man who invented the DaleksThe Guardian
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Age
Who on Earth is Tom Baker?The Australian1997-12-19
Doctor Who: Destiny of the DoctorsThe Sydney Morning Herald1998-04-25
What Katy DidThe Sunday Mail (Queensland)1998-08-16
The Good Doctor Lives OnThe Canberra Times1998-08-17
Mr Bean Takes Time Out As New Dr WhoThe Courier Mail1999-03-04
How robots-on-casters can still dominate TVThe Age1999-09-23
Hooked on time travel: WhodunitThe Age2000-02-04
Who's that girl? (2000)The Advertiser2000-12-27
Date with the DoctorThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2001-02-17
Who'd be an online star?The Australian2001-07-19
What a sci-fi guyThe Age2003-02-14
Doctor MatrixThe Australian2003-04-01
Celebrating an alien obsessionThe Australian2003-04-02
I miss Doctor WhoMetro (Australia)2003-06-01
What and when plague Dr Who's returnThe Courier Mail2003-08-09
The Doctor is in (The Age)The Age2003-09-06
About timeThe Age2003-09-18
Who goes there (2003)The Western Australian2003-11-17
Daleks back to ex-ter-min-ateThe Australian2004-08-06
Dr Who: Lost in TimeThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2004-12-22
The spin-off doctorsThe Sydney Morning Herald2005-01-01
Interview with Kate Orman: Dr Who AuthorContinuum2005-03-01
The galactic cardboard fantasy sets exterminated as a sexy new doctor materialises on our television screens time for fans old and new to find out who is whoThe Advertiser2005-05-14
A doctor so sexy it's scaryThe Age2005-05-21
Being true to Dr WhoThe Canberra Times2005-05-22
Time Lord travelling again, this time to the stageThe Age2005-05-31
Captain CourageousThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2005-07-13
Time Lords' capital stopThe Canberra Times2005-07-20
Regeneration: Doctor WhoMetro (Australia)2005-12-01
Dr Who's 'Cut-Out' Girl BackThe Mirror
Who's a lucky dog? K9 gets seriesThe Australian2006-04-25
Timeless - why I Love Doctor WhoThe Age2006-12-28
RSVPThe Sydney Morning Herald2007-02-06
Time waits for no manHerald Sun2007-10-17
Spin-off from the TardisThe Age2008-10-30
Doctor Who insights where space and times laud talesThe Canberra Times2008-11-29
Booked in with beloved doctorThe Mercury2009-01-10
Kill the romance and bring on a real time lordThe Courier Mail2009-01-12
Not quite the new Doctor WhoThe Age2009-01-22
The flight from history: from H G Wells to Doctor Who – and back againColloquy2009-08-01
I believe David Tennant is the best Doctor in the history of Doctor Who ...The Courier Mail2010-02-19
K9Sunday Mail (Adelaide)2010-03-21
Who Lets The Dog Out (2010)The Sun-Herald2010-03-28
Robo-dog bites backThe Sydney Morning Herald2010-03-29
Barking up the right Dr Who legend, that's tinny K9The West Australian2010-03-30
The old dog's newest trickThe Courier Mail2010-04-03
Paying the price to be the DoctorHerald Sun2010-12-22
Festive Tardis right on timeThe Age2010-12-23
Who knew the Doctor was a footballer too?The Courier Mail2010-12-24
Fast-tracked TARDISThe Sunday Telegraph2010-12-26
A special gift for AussieThe Sunday Mail (Queensland)2010-12-26
Just what the Doctor ordered: Destination EnglandThe Sydney Morning Herald2011-05-28
The New Man: The Regeneration of Doctor WhoMetro (Australia)2011-06-01
Matt's among the sexiest on every planetThe Courier Mail2011-09-10
Going For The Doctor Karen Relishes Her Big Moment In Who HistoryThe Sun-Herald
The Sunday Telegraph
Sunday Tasmanian
Paradise is a little too green for me: Discourses of environmental disaster in Doctor Who 1963-2010Colloquy2011-11-01
Adam Richard, Doctor Who nutThe Age2011-12-22
Close-up Secrets of Doctor WhoSunday Mail (Adelaide)2011-12-25
Doctor Who specialSynergy2012-01-01
Transported by tunes of the TardisThe Age2012-01-21
Who's who of sci fi in hi fiHerald Sun2012-01-30
Who fan exterminates boyhood fear and composes himself for the DocThe Australian2012-02-02
Delve into the science of DaleksThe Canberra Times2012-08-10
Broadcasters taking steps to ward off piracyMetro (Australia)2012-09-01
Who's Da ManStack2012-11-01
Sounds inspired by galaxies far, far awayThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2012-12-10
Toast to Time Lord pure GoldThe Sydney Morning Herald2012-12-14
Doctor Who and the child molesterThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2013-03-26
Time files when we're having funThe Sunday Telegraph2013-03-31
The Doctor Is In The HouseThe Courier Mail2013-04-20
Flights of FantasyThe Sunday Times (Western Australia)2013-04-21
Jelly Baby?Empire (Australia)2013-05-01
Dr Whovians line up for a shopInner West Courier2013-05-14
Doctor in the HouseHerald Sun2013-08-05
Australian premiere for new Doctor Who stage spectacularThe Age2013-08-05
Doctor Who? It's Peter CapaldiThe Australian2013-08-06
And the geek shall inherit the earth..Daily Record
The Sunday Mail (Queensland)
Now you can be a TV star and step into your own Doctor Who episodeRouse Hill Times2013-09-18
Appointment TVEmpire
Empire (Australia)
Going for the DoctorThe Australian2013-10-26
Launceston Church Grammar SchoolAccess2013-11-01
Who’s Who, just what Doctor ordered for 50th partyGold Coast Bulletin2013-11-14
A time lord in residenceThe Canberra Times2013-11-20
Praising The LordThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2013-11-20
50 years of intrigueHerald Sun2013-11-22
Who's obsessed? Fan has date with a DoctorThe Canberra Times
The Sydney Morning Herald
Doctor had plenty of time for companionsThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2013-11-23
Who's got my TardisThe Advertiser2013-11-23
Masters of ReinventionThe Australian2013-11-23
Doctor Who feeds sci-fi hungerThe Australian2013-11-23
Fifty-year journey in timeThe Canberra Times2013-11-23
Doctor Who fans celebrate 50thThe Age2013-11-23
Be transported into the wonderful world of GallifreySunday Tasmanian2013-11-24
Doctor to host stellar symphonyThe Age2013-12-19
Time is right for Doctor's returnThe Courier Mail2014-01-18
Doctor lines up new fansHerald Sun2014-01-19
Hard labour finally paid off for fourth Time LordThe Daily Telegraph (Australia)2014-01-20
Doctor Who? Queensland Fans Snubbed By Time LordThe Courier Mail2014-01-28
A rousing return for Dr Who aficionadosThe Age2014-02-03
Time Lord Gets Set to Rock the CityThe Courier Mail2014-02-05
Doctors in the houseThe Courier Mail2014-04-26
Doctor Who scripts leaked onlineThe Sydney Morning Herald2014-07-09
Is That the Time Lord?The Australian2014-08-09
The Doctor will see you now (The Age)The Age2014-08-21
Relax, take a deep breathGeelong Advertiser2014-08-23
Quirks and outrageThe Canberra Times2014-08-24
About time (Empire)Empire
Empire (Australia)
Mystery TARDIS materialises on Red HillThe Canberra Times2014-09-04
The Doctor is In (Cairns Post)Cairns Post2014-09-04
The Last Word... With Peter Capaldi, Doctor WhoThe Sunday Mail (Queensland)
The Sunday Telegraph
Couple ham it up in their Dr Who-themed weddingThe Canberra Times2014-10-31
Dr Who Products Are the Future of ManufacturingAustralasian Science2014-12-01
Musical trip back for Doctor WhoThe West Australian2014-12-10
Who's next for musical outingThe Advertiser2014-12-21
Out of this world (The Advertiser)The Advertiser2015-01-10
Tangerine DreamJB Hi-Fi2015-02-01
Doctor Who's Alien A-ListFoxtel2015-08-01
Capaldi cheats catastrophe with world-weary panacheThe Sunday Telegraph2015-09-20
Spirit of AdventureJB Hi-Fi2015-11-01
A mysterious Dr WhoThe Western Australian2016-12-26