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chronological view
Bye Bi CaptainDaily Star2007-01-01
Doctor Who: TimestreamsGameRoom2007-01-01
Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)Pittsburgh Post-Gazette2007-01-11
Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series (The Oklahoman)The Oklahoman2007-01-19
My Hero, 'who' else but the BBC?National Post2007-01-20
Relax with Dr WhoBexley Times2007-01-26
Doctor Toon!The Mirror2007-01-26
Dr Who and the sex-mad Britney clonesDaily Star2007-01-26
The Tardis Chainsaw MassacreThe Sun2007-01-26
Another new Doctor Who will see you nowThe Gazette
CanWest News Service
Who vs MarsterThe Sun2007-01-30
Doctor Who -- Series 2Sight & Sound2007-02-01
Your Money: Dalektable Sales BoostThe Mirror2007-02-01
Doctor Who gets scary — well, sort ofOttawa Citizen
Times Colonist
The Vancouver Sun
CanWest News Service
RSVPThe Sydney Morning Herald2007-02-06
Doctor Who: Complete Second SeriesNorthbrook Star2007-02-08
10th Dr. Who puts new spin on old roleDetroit Free Press2007-02-09
Who's a busy boy!TV Times2007-02-10
The Invasion of Bash StreetBeanoMAX2007-02-15
Doctor Who ends its season on a sober noteOttawa Citizen
Times Colonist
The Vancouver Sun
CanWest News Service
An ordinary tragedyTV Choice2007-02-24
Traveling Through Light Years of Quality Sci-FiColumbia Daily Spectator2007-03-02
Soundtracks: time to make a song and danceMusic Week2007-03-03
BBC builds on Dr WhoThe Bookseller2007-03-09
A comic odysseyBristol Post2007-03-15
Gareth HuntThe Times2007-03-15
I'm Lust in Space with Dishy DocDaily Star2007-03-17
Dr Who-Hoo!The Mirror2007-03-22
Doctor Woo (Daily Star)Daily Star2007-03-22
The Doctor returns with a sassy sidekick. Who?The Times2007-03-22
Kiss from you know WhoSunday Express2007-03-25
Home isn't a Tardis, so collection must goThe Northern Echo2007-03-27
I Have Sex in Dr Who Clobber!Daily Star2007-03-29
Who's hotThe Times2007-03-30
The Two DoctorsRadio Times2007-03-31
Torrid in the TardisThe Times2007-03-31
Brute forceRadio Times2007-03-31
Perfect TennantRadio Times2007-03-31
Here is some good newsThe Times2007-03-31
Oodles of propsRadio Times2007-03-31
Who's that girl? (2007)Total TV Guide2007-03-31
Mistress of the universeThe Daily Telegraph2007-03-31
Doctor Who's bigger, bolder worldTelevisual2007-04-01
Doctor Who is back and looking better than everTelevisual2007-04-01
Hit for Doctor WhoThe Times2007-04-02
8mIrish Independent2007-04-02
The Doctor's new Rose blossomsThe Times2007-04-02
A new chapterThe Stage and Television Today2007-04-05
Labour of loveRadio Times2007-04-07
Cat and DocRadio Times2007-04-14
TV StatsRadio Times2007-04-14
Obituary of Dave MartinThe Daily Telegraph2007-04-17
Who, what, where, whenWestern Mail2007-04-21
The Thinking Man's DalekRadio Times2007-04-21
Dalek helmets from Character Smallcap BriefingFinancial Times2007-04-25
Enemy of the StatesRadio Times2007-04-28
Doctor Ow!The Mirror2007-04-28
Download BBC shows for freeLondon Evening Standard2007-04-30
Doctor Who: The Complete Second SeriesThe Video Librarian2007-05-01
Who's scariest monster yet?Radio Times2007-05-05
Burn, baby, burnRadio Times2007-05-19
Leo's Dr Who birthday party — a last hurrah for Blairs at ChequersLondon Evening Standard2007-05-24
We're coming to get you!Radio Times2007-05-26
Doctor Who: Series 3, Vol. 1Empire2007-06-01
Loving the AlienRadio Times2007-06-02
Desperately Unhappy Kids Write To Captain Jack Asking To Be AdoptedThe People2007-06-03
Hell's AngelsRadio Times2007-06-09
Doctor Who this week almost dispensed with the Doctor entirely in a story about weeping statues sucking the life out of peopleThe Times2007-06-11
Look Who's a Gay Star!Daily Star2007-06-15
The definitive Englishman, tweed coat, time travel and allThe Globe and Mail2007-06-15
Down-to-earth guyThe Times2007-06-16
Airfix cements deal with Dr WhoThe Times2007-06-16
And then there were threeRadio Times2007-06-16
Doctor Who in medical emergencyThe Gazette
Times Colonist
Regina Leader-Post
CanWest News Service
Doctor Who a pleasure to watchRegina Leader-Post2007-06-18
Doctor Who is many things, but dull isn't one of themOttawa Citizen
Times Colonist
The Vancouver Sun
The Windsor Star
CanWest News Service
Why we should all be under the DoctorThe Times2007-06-18
Online world sneaks villain into No 10 for new Dr WhoThe Times2007-06-23
Master mindRadio Times2007-06-23
The Master's class in power politicsThe Times2007-06-25
Who's Next (TV Guide)TV Guide2007-06-25
The Master is the new occupant of Number 10 Downing StreetTribune (London)2007-06-29
Who dares and winsThe Spectator2007-06-30
Pick of the day (2007)Daily Mail2007-06-30
Simply masterfulThe Times2007-06-30
New season brings a new companion to 'Doctor Who'The Spokesman-Review
McClatchy News Service
The Courier-News (New Jersey)
Press & Sun-Bulletin
Pensacola News Journal
The Daily Journal (New Jersey)
News Herald
Who said that?Daily Mail2007-06-30
On set with... Freema AgyemanRadio Times2007-06-30
On Sci Fi, the Doctor is in againMilwaukee Journal Sentinel2007-07-01
Dave MartinClassic Images2007-07-01
New companion for Dr WhoThe Times2007-07-02
Gordon GostelowThe Times2007-07-02
Minogue joins Doctor on sinking shipThe Times2007-07-03
Can't Get Who Out Of My HeadThe Sun2007-07-03
Catherine Tate joins Doctor Who as new companionBrand Republic News Releases2007-07-04
Space HopperThe Sun2007-07-05
The Doctor is in for season threePittsburgh Post-Gazette2007-07-05
The latest incarnation of 'Dr. Who' is playfully pleasantDaily Herald2007-07-05
Cheeky 'Dr. Who' back at top of gameRutland Herald2007-07-05
Someone fetch me a doctor, my brain hurtsTribune (London)2007-07-06
Dr Who's spot of bovverLondon Evening Standard2007-07-06
Tercera temporadaLa Opinión2007-07-06
Tennant delights as 'Doctor Who'Chicago Tribune2007-07-06
This 'Doctor' is definitely inRed Eye2007-07-06
The Daleks have no answer to thisThe Times2007-07-07
Freema Agyeman, Doctor Who's latest companion, is also the first visible minority to join him on his travelsToronto Star2007-07-07
Who's N-ice Girlie KyleDaily Star2007-07-12
Doctor Who and Kylie should show the world that Wales has a Tardis of talentWestern Mail2007-07-16
Buffy star to join Torchwood line-upWestern Mail2007-07-16
The Master returnsDaily Mail2007-07-20
Daleks invade Weta's workshopThe Dominion Post2007-07-20
Who's Got a New LoveDaily Star2007-07-26
The BBC lets British viewers download showsThe Wall Street Journal2007-07-28
I'm a Doctor Who heroSouth Wales Echo2007-07-31
It's a UFO BoyoDaily Star2007-08-02
And the geek shall inherit the earth...Sunday Express2007-08-05
Dr WhodunnitDaily Star2007-08-10
Doc feels the heat in RomeWestern Mail2007-08-12
The Doctor is in, Fridays on Sci-FiDayton Daily News2007-08-15
John NormingtonThe Times2007-08-22
Harry's the New DoctorDaily Star2007-08-24
Stinker for SarahDaily Star2007-08-30
Torchwood sleuths use alien technologyEl Paso Times
McClatchy News Service
Dr. Who adventurer spins off to 'Torchwood'Scripps Howard News Service
Globe Gazette
Ex-Opryland dancer stars in TorchwoodThe Knoxville News-Sentinel2007-09-02
Who's a Clever Geezer?Daily Star2007-09-04
Dr Who Star Had to Work As LabourerDaily Star2007-09-04
His own universeMilwaukee Journal Sentinel2007-09-05
Bookies make Radcliffe their favourite to be the new Doctor WhoWestern Mail2007-09-06
Torchwood celebrates a new kind of heroChicago Tribune2007-09-07
Sarah Jane gets a new lease of life as Slitheen seek revengeWestern Mail2007-09-08
A Doctor Who World, With Sex in ItThe New York Times2007-09-08
Viewers can easily get off on Brit thrillerThe Philadelphia Inquirer2007-09-08
Torchwood Is Indescribably DeliciousLos Angeles Times2007-09-08
Daleks are scared offDaily Star2007-09-13
Out of this worldRadio Times2007-09-22
Doctor Who's erstwhile companionThe Times2007-09-25
On-screen John Barrowman plays a sex-mad alien investigator. In real life he's from GlasgowOut2007-10-01
It's Dr Who the Movie!Daily Star2007-10-04
Doctor Who pal hits small screenCanWest News Service
Nanaimo Daily News
Gritty new sci-fi series is just what the Dr. Who orderedWinnipeg Free Press2007-10-05
Doctor Hooray!Daily Star2007-10-08
Gwen's Having an Alien Nipper!Daily Star2007-10-09
Former Doctor Who Talks About Life After The Tardis And Working In The USDaily Record2007-10-13
Look Who's in line for a best actress awardDaily Express2007-10-15
The New Adventures of Old SkywalkerThe Boston Globe2007-10-16
Time waits for no manHerald Sun2007-10-17
Anything goesEdmonton Journal
Ottawa Citizen
National Post
Dr Who: the timeline LordThe Bookseller2007-10-26
Who would like to meet Sarah-Jane?Sunderland Echo2007-11-01
Doctor Who: The Key to TimeSight & Sound2007-11-01
Dr Who is master for CharacterFinancial Times2007-11-02
Who's baldie?Daily Star2007-11-04
Dr Who's teamThe Sunday Times2007-11-04
Plastic fantasticTimes Educational Supplement2007-11-09
Doctor Who The Complete Third SeasonThe Oklahoman2007-11-09
Nuevas aventuras y aterradores monstruosThe Palm Beach Post2007-11-09
From 'X-Files' to the next filesCorvallis Gazette-Times2007-11-09
Simm-ilarity is no problem as Master tipped for hero's jobWestern Mail2007-11-12
Doctor Who treats fans to more sci-fi humorThe Washington Times2007-11-17
Doctor Who strikes againWestern Mail2007-11-20
Dark, sexy Torchwood a supernatural delightEdmonton Journal
Times Colonist
Calgary Herald
Regina Leader-Post
CanWest News Service
Nanaimo Daily News
Obituary of Verity LambertThe Daily Telegraph2007-11-24
Hollywood Who's Who ride TardisDaily Star2007-11-26
Look Who's back (The Sun)The Sun2007-11-28
Who Wouldn't Want Kylie?Daily Record2007-11-29
Dr Who regenerates to boost TV ratingsPR Week2007-11-30
Meet Chilly PiperLondon Lite2007-11-30
Marsters pays lip serviceDaily Express2007-12-05
Doctor Who: The Complete Third SeriesNorthbrook Star2007-12-06
ExterminogueThe Sun2007-12-12
Titanic sales expected as Kylie sails in for Doctor Who specialWestern Mail2007-12-15
The Unseen DoctorThe Times2007-12-15
Doctor Who may quit, says co-star CatherineSunday Express2007-12-16
The great defender: Russell T Davies, writer of Doctor Who, is British TV's hottest propertyNew Statesman2007-12-17
This is the moment Doctor Who gets a kiss from Kylie MinogueMetro (England)2007-12-19
Tennant: I kept on kissing KylieThe London Paper2007-12-19
Christians protest as Doctor Who is portrayed as 'messiah'The Times2007-12-21
Festive favouriteTotal TV Guide2007-12-22
Who's the daddyThe Times2007-12-22
Who's on board?Radio Times2007-12-22
Who's got that sinking feeling?The Times2007-12-26
Dr Who near youThe Times2007-12-26
Boo Who for Kylie!Daily Star2007-12-30
Producer who revived Doctor Who to move to BBC1 drama roleWestern Mail2007-12-31

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