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chronological view
Children's televisionThe Guardian1964-02-20
Family programmesTribune (London)1964-03-13
TV's 'Dr Who' Gets A Dressing DownThe Mirror1964-07-03
Children's television (The Guardian)The Guardian1964-07-03
Educators Blast British Kid Shows, Both BBC & Com'lVariety1964-07-08
The Children are WatchingContrast1964-10-01
Why can't they write for women?The Stage and Television Today1964-11-19
My young son never misses BBC television's "Dr. Who" on SaturdaysThe Mirror1964-11-26
A Viewpointer from WembleyThe Mirror1964-12-03
Children's 'horror' toys are worrying police chiefHerald Express1964-12-18
Some bad news for Dr. Who ... two Daleks are free in London!London Evening Standard1964-12-28
Queue up, said the DaleksThe Mirror1964-12-29
Out of this world (Daily Mail)Daily Mail1964-12-29
Daleks steal the show at OlympiaThe Daily Telegraph1964-12-29
Keeping the Children Happy and InformedThe Times1965-01-23
BB Operate The Daleks At Boys' And Girls' ExhibitionStedfast Mag1965-02-01
Dr. Who and Daleks at Bingley HallCoventry Evening Telegraph1965-04-10
Tarnished! The heroes of my childhoodBelfast Telegraph1965-09-16
Dr. Who and Co top the toy chartsThe Newcastle Journal1965-11-26
Face to faceThe Mirror1965-11-29
Why I have banned 'Dr. Who' in our homeThe Mirror1965-12-09
WarningThe Mirror1965-12-14
Now take your seats for a trip to the Moon, boys and girlsLondon Life1965-12-25
The older they are the more they tend to watch the BBCThe Stage and Television Today1966-01-27
Switched-on kidsThe Observer1966-02-06
Is Dr Who Too Cruel For 5.50 pm?The Mirror1966-04-16
Not a peep out of them thanks to ABC-TVThe Australian Women's Weekly1966-10-12
Saturday is cinema day for half a million childrenThe Times1966-10-29
A powerful influence in the lives of childrenThe Stage and Television Today1966-12-08
Pinky and Perky type TV programmes come under fireHerald Express1967-03-18
My grouse? It's Mr. ColemanDaily Express1967-09-27
TV monsters design contestThe Daily Telegraph1967-11-20
Censorship at homeThe Guardian1967-12-11
The Daily Mail Schoolboys' and Girls' Exhibition opens at the Empire Hall, Olympia, on WednesdayThe Field1967-12-21
The show that makes the holidayLondon Evening Standard1967-12-27
It's Monsters for the little horrors!London Evening Standard1967-12-27
The green monsterYorkshire Evening Post1967-12-27
The lost boysThe Guardian1967-12-28
Holiday Task for Tough UnclesThe Times1967-12-28
Tuning fantasy into realityThe Observer1968-01-21
Why we don't classify programmes--BBCThe Stage and Television Today1968-03-07
Le monstre de l'espace « Dr Who »Fejuille d'avis de Lausanne1968-06-07
DoctorReading Evening Post1968-10-15
A Strategy for BroadcastingThe Listener1969-12-11
Family viewingThe Daily Telegraph1970-02-23
Mary Mary So ContraryReading Evening Post1970-04-07
Sight and soundThe Sunday Telegraph (England)1971-02-07
Violence too remote to harm childrenThe Stage and Television Today1971-03-25
Why My Monsters are MarvellousTit-bits1971-04-17
Points of ViewThe Times1972-01-27
BBC Study Claims TV Violence NeededAssociated Press
Albuquerque Journal
BBC get new code on TV violenceLondon Evening Standard1972-01-27
B.B.C. Study Finds U.S. Fare Twice as Violent as British TVThe New York Times1972-01-27
TV violence 'discounted'The Guardian1972-01-27
Violence every half hourThe Guardian1972-01-27
News violence 'necessary'Press Association
The Irish Times
Great sponsor of the violence campaignThe Times1972-01-27
Violence is not really Dr Who's cup of teaThe Times1972-01-29
Who is the world's most gentle doctor?Daily Express1972-01-29
Children of the violent boxLondon Evening Standard1972-02-02
The BBC's study on violence BBC makes important contributionThe Stage and Television Today1972-02-03
Warning of risk for children in 'Dr Who'The Guardian1973-04-09
Dr Who Death Threat To BairnsAberdeen Evening Express1973-04-09
Is this the best they can do for young viewers?The Stage and Television Today1974-05-02
Colored employment neglected in British TVThe Daily Illini1975-01-18
Dr. Who under fireBelfast Telegraph1975-01-21
Dr Who Gets a BlastingThe Mirror1975-01-21
BBC chief on 'too rich TV diet' for childrenThe Times1975-01-21
Now Mrs. Whitehouse takes on Dr. WhoDaily Express1975-01-21
Who is afraid of Who?The Mirror1975-01-24
The doctor's dilemmaBelfast Telegraph1975-01-25
Are you a monster to the kids?The Sunday People1975-01-26
Curb Dr Who-MaryThe Mirror1975-03-27
ContraryThe Mirror1975-04-02
Dr Who is blamed over epidemic of spider fears among young childrenThe Times1975-04-28
Doctor Who gives kids the creepsThe Guardian1975-04-28
Dr Who Blasted For TV Tots' Web of FearDaily Express1975-04-28
Who's afraid ...?New Scientist1975-05-15
On a tuffetThe Listener1975-05-22
Time Lord has a timely attitudeThe Universe1975-11-14
Watch out Dr Who, Mary's fighting madDaily Express1976-01-26
Tardis time-slip urgedThe Guardian1976-01-26
Dr Who finds a championThe Guardian1976-01-28
When Daniel Fryer and Caroline Simpson express their views ... they are not to be brushed lightly asideThe Guardian1976-02-02
Dr Who's ValueThe Sunday Times1976-03-07
Who loves you Doctor?The Guardian1976-08-31
Dr. Who for kidsBurton Observer and Chronicle1976-11-05
Slecht?Leeuwarder Courant1976-11-26
BBC sorry for sadism in Dr. WhoThe Daily Telegraph1976-12-29
Mary Misses Out on Dr WhoThe Mirror1976-12-29
BBC admits Dr Who was 'too realistic'Birmingham Post
The Guardian
The Newcastle Journal
Violence for young audiencesThe Daily Telegraph1977-01-13
Switch it offThe Daily Telegraph1977-01-24
Who do you think you are, scaring my innocent child?Daily Express1977-02-11
TV violence under attackBelfast Telegraph1977-09-07
Meeste kinderen bang voor geweld in tv-programmaHet Vrije Volk1978-02-28
Many seven year olds watch TV until 9pmThe Guardian1978-05-10
But 'Dr Who' stole the showAlderley & Wilmslow Advertiser1979-09-06
Parents give 'Dr Who' a bitter pill to swallowThe Times1980-02-15
Now Dr Who Faces Parents' AttackLiverpool Echo1980-02-15
Doctor's dilemma (The Age)The Age1980-08-25
And now for Miss Who?Daily Express1980-10-25
Tom Quits--now a woman Dr Who?The Sun1980-10-25
Tom Baker quits after seven yearsThe Mirror1980-10-25
A female Dr. Who?The Stage and Television Today1980-10-30
TVOntario kills Dr. Who after 'racism' protestToronto Star1980-11-06
Buck Rogers and Dr Who have declared a truce for ChristmasReading Evening Post1980-12-20
Welcome, VillainyThe Boston Globe1980-12-25
Dr. Who strikes againThe Miami News1981-01-03
Children's Science Film Festival: The Three DoctorsThe Miami News1981-01-09
Children's Science Film Festival: RobotThe Miami News1981-01-16
Children's Science Film Festival: Whose Dr. Who?The Miami News1981-01-23
Black group tells CRTC racists using the mediaThe Globe and Mail1981-05-26
How good are the new Grange Hill and the new Dr. Who?Belfast Telegraph1982-01-30
Peter to quit now--BBC hunt for lady DoctorDaily Express1983-07-29
Peter bows out and a woman may take overDaily Star1983-07-29
So who's for Miss Who?Daily Express1983-08-04
After Davison's Doctor—Who's Next?Starlog1983-10-06
Time Lord Marches OnThe Sun (Sydney, NSW)1983-11-23
Save Dr Who!The Mirror1985-03-02
Who needs sick TV like this?Daily Express1985-03-07
Asians cite those who do the balancing actLos Angeles Times1985-03-16
Mary takes another swipe at TVLiverpool Echo1985-04-27
Mary blasts soap 'smut'The Mail on Sunday1985-04-28
Dr. Who vs. the BBC: The tale of a superhero's setback and its consequencesEdmonton Journal
Ottawa Citizen
Lakeland Ledger
Dayton Daily News
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Albuquerque Journal
Daily Press
The Daily Register
La Crosse Tribune
York Daily Record
Chicago Tribune
Wisconsin State Journal
The Kansas City Star
Gratuitous violence for kids' TVThe Canberra Times1985-12-08
Cannibals for the kiddies is harmless fun, isn't it?Daily Express1985-12-31
Portraying violence in BBC's dramaThe Stage and Television Today1986-01-30
New-look Dr Who for autumnThe Herald1986-04-12
Who next? How about a Time Lady?Daily Mail1986-12-20
Is this the new face of Dr Who?Daily Express1986-12-20
Change Dr Who's sex!Daily Express
Daily Star
Sex Change for Dr Who!The Mirror1986-12-20
Dr Who shuns sex changeToday1987-01-27
Who's Who next?Daily Express1987-05-05
My primeval monsters even turn up their snouts at the DaleksThe Herald1988-04-20
Back in time with Doctor WhoRadio Times1990-01-13
Sex Change Time for Doctor WhoNews of the World1990-08-26
Take a trip into times now pastThe Newcastle Journal1991-06-25
Who says a lady can't play the Doc?The Newcastle Journal1991-06-27
These are our demands--Who has the answers?The Stage and Television Today1994-03-03
The time travel of their livesEdinburgh Evening News1996-11-26
Curse of Dr Who (or why do so many of the time traveller's mini-skirted assistants seem to have been lost in space?)Daily Mail1997-06-20
How time has travelled ... next Dr Who to be a womanLondon Evening Standard1998-05-19
Step forward in time for the new DrDaily Express1998-05-19
Dr Who's A Pretty Girl ThenThe Mirror1998-05-25
Lost Dr. Who Episode Deemed Not AcceptableNational Post1999-02-23
TV clean-up campaigner Mary Whitehouse diesThe Daily Telegraph2001-11-24
Mary WhitehouseThe Daily Telegraph2001-11-24
Mary Whitehouse obituaryThe Times2001-11-24
Why there really was something about MaryThe Times2001-11-24
Covering up the naughty bitsFinancial Times2001-12-05
Obituary of John Nathan-Turner Doctor Who's ninth producer who introduced a new look to the showThe Daily Telegraph2002-05-07
Time for a Timelady in Tardis says ex-Dr WhoDaily Star2003-09-29
Why it must be the Dawn of new era for Dr Who...Sunday Life2003-10-19
Drop the dead Daleks, it's Dr Who the sex machineThe Sunday Times2004-03-07
Doctor Who: funny he never married ...Sunday Independent
Ottawa Citizen
National Post
The Daily Telegraph
The prognosis for feminism is not goodThe Independent2005-03-26
Doctor Who is too scary for childrenDaily Express2005-04-14
Dr Who too scary for young childrenThe Times2005-04-14
BBC climbs down over Doctor Who fear factorThe Times2005-04-15
More outrage as Dr Who 'crucified'Daily Express2005-04-18
Who's Afraid?The Times2005-04-19
Dr Who gets politicalLondon Evening Standard2005-04-25
Shocker for DocThe Sun2005-04-26
An absurd ruling takes the fun out of Doctor WhoThe Times2005-05-16
Let's not be beastly to DaleksThe Times2005-05-16
Unsuitable for childrenThe Times2005-05-17
The censors ... will ... exterminateThe Times2005-05-17
Legislate! Legislate!The Times2005-05-19
Is the next driver of the Tardis set to be a womanThe Times2006-03-30
Who's That Girl (2006)Daily Star2006-03-31
One Final Question (Michelle Gomez)Radio Times2006-05-06
Billie to be first female Doctor Who?Daily Star2006-05-09
Who's that girl?The Times2006-07-05
The Master's class in power politicsThe Times2007-06-25
Christians protest as Doctor Who is portrayed as 'messiah'The Times2007-12-21
Time for a woman to be Dr Who?Your Shepway2008-04-30
Yes, we know he's not a real personThe Times2008-05-13
Am I too queer for Top Gear?London Lite2008-08-15
Look who's taking on the Time LordDaily Mail2008-12-20
New Doctor unveiled todayThe Guardian2009-01-03
Matt Smith, that's WhoScotland on Sunday2009-01-04
Kill the romance and bring on a real time lordThe Courier Mail2009-01-12
Should children's TV programmes have cinema-style ratings?Children & Young People Now2009-11-26
A different sort of heroPeace News2011-07-01
Time Lord casting newsThe Independent2012-03-22
Dr Sue, No Thank YouDaily Star2013-02-16
Who You Calling A Racist?The Sun2013-05-27
Sexterminate! Doctor Who may come back as a womanThe Sunday Times2013-06-02
Who's that girl? (Daily Star)Daily Star2013-06-03
Who's next - is it time for a Time Lady?The Times2013-06-03
Time LadyThe Times2013-06-03
A male Doctor Who is an outdated idea. Exterminate itThe Times2013-06-04
OMG...I wannabe Dr Who!Daily Star2013-06-05
A new Dr Who? We'll never have Paris...Daily Star2013-06-06
Send for the Time LadyThe Times2013-06-10
Make the next Doctor Who a womanRegina Leader-Post
Postmedia News
Doctor Who can change the world with a sidekick and a satsuma. Why can't he become a she?New Statesman2013-06-21
Raise The LordWestern Mail2013-08-04
Watch out Daleks! Tucker is new Time LordThe Guardian2013-08-05
After All The Hype, Mr Potty Mouth Had Better Be GoodDaily Mail2013-08-05
I was really hoping for a new female heroThe Daily Telegraph2013-08-07
Diversity And 'Doctor Who'The New York Times2013-08-07
The FameNew Statesman2013-08-09
More than a Companion: "The Doctor's Wife" and Representations of Women in Doctor WhoStudies in Popular Culture2013-09-12
Could Doctor Who be a woman one day?The Province2013-09-29
Doctor Who can NEVER be a woman ... says the ex-Doctor whose own daughter is a Time Lord!The Mail on Sunday2013-11-03
Now Doctor Who is lording it... all across the worldWestern Mail2013-11-25
Dr Who: an anniversary treatPeace News2014-02-01
Doctor Who and RaceSight & Sound2014-03-01
Female time lord? Moffat says he'll know when time is right Female time lordWestern Mail2014-05-27
The Girls Who Waited? Female Companions and Gender in Doctor WhoCritical Studies in Television2014-06-06
Case Study 2 - Nottinghamshire - Education - Parents' and children's skills boosted by Dr WhoChildren Now2014-07-22
Who's that girl? 18 ways to tell if you're a genuine Doctor Who superfanWestern Mail2014-08-02
The Doctor Is In (He's Aged)The New York Times2014-08-22
Will I quit Doctor Who? You'll have to wait and see...Sunday Express2014-08-24
Is new Doctor too scary for kids?Daily Mail
Scottish Daily Mail
Homophobia row as BBC censors Doctor Who's lizard woman kissThe Mail on Sunday
The Scottish Mail on Sunday
Doctor Who editThe Guardian2014-09-05
Doctor Who helps teach children codingEducation Journal2014-12-08
Next Doctor Who has to be a woman, Harman tells BBCDaily Mail2017-01-31
Regeneration: will the 13th Doctor be black or female?The Guardian2017-02-01
Stark mad to be DocThe Sun2017-02-02
Don't fret about a female Time Lord. The inequality is in the real worldThe Guardian2017-02-03
A Distaff DoctorRadio Times2017-02-11
A sex change for James Bond and Doctor Who? Give me a breakThe Irish Times2017-02-21
Dr Who regenderationThe Mirror2017-03-30
Doctor Who gets his first gay companion: A woman called BillDaily Mail2017-04-01
A female Doctor Who?Ottawa Citizen
Regina Leader-Post
Doctor Who? (Sunday People)The Sunday People2017-05-14
I think a female Doctor would be really thrillingEvening Chronicle2017-06-10
Tennant Trades the BBC for Scrooge McDuckUSA Today
Chicago Sun-Times
Doctor Who as a woman? Yes pleaseThe Irish Times2017-07-08
Debating DiversityRegina Leader-Post2017-07-22
About Time LordThe Mirror2017-12-15
Remade: Film posters with black people in lead rolesThe Guardian2018-03-03
Doctor Who stars deny stories in show are too politically correctThe Guardian2018-12-03
New Master's prideEvening Chronicle2020-01-04
Is it wrong to enjoy outdated, unwoke TV shows? No. Don't write off the culture of the past — context is keyThe Sunday Times2020-03-15