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Ken GrieveThe Guardian2017-01-05
Teenage terrors in Doctor Who spin-offEvening Chronicle2017-01-09
Doctor Who returns to battle falling ratingsThe Guardian2017-01-15
NHS CrisisThe Sunday Times2017-01-15
He had a range, and a thirst, that few could matchThe Sunday Times2017-01-29
Capaldi quitting Dr WhoDaily Star2017-01-31
Next Doctor Who has to be a woman, Harman tells BBCDaily Mail2017-01-31
Who's quit? Call the DocDaily Star2017-02-01
New on DVD: Reacher, Doctor Who, PinocchioKenosha News2017-02-01
Sorry to See Top Doc QuitDaily Star2017-02-01
Peter Capaldi quiting Doctor WhoAssociated Press
Kenosha News
Regeneration: will the 13th Doctor be black or female?The Guardian2017-02-01
Steven Moffat (The Strand)The Strand Magazine2017-02-01
Stark mad to be DocThe Sun2017-02-02
Don't fret about a female Time Lord. The inequality is in the real worldThe Guardian2017-02-03
I love Peter Capaldi as the DoctorRadio Times2017-02-04
If...The Guardian2017-02-06
Danny Dyer: I Fancy Being New Doctor ... so Who are you starin' at?Daily Star2017-02-09
Farewell to CapaldiThe Times2017-02-10
Top Picks to Be the New Time LordThe Times2017-02-10
Radio Times Hall of FameRadio Times2017-02-11
A Distaff DoctorRadio Times2017-02-11
Bravo! City tycoon with hearing trouble gives £1m to build woodland opera houseThe Sunday Times2017-02-12
La BBC busca nuevo 'Doctor Who'La Verdad2017-02-13
Cheers & JeersTV Guide2017-02-13
What Next for Doctor Who?Radio Times2017-02-18
A sex change for James Bond and Doctor Who? Give me a breakThe Irish Times2017-02-21
A fascinating life ended far too soonEvening Chronicle2017-02-27
Doctor on CallTV Guide2017-02-27
Family tributes after tallest man in UK diesEvening Chronicle2017-02-28
It's Kris for the Tardis!Daily Star2017-03-04
Notes from Case-Halstead LibraryThe Breese Journal2017-03-09
Who's Got Doc Spooked?The Mirror2017-03-13
Pilot XLibrary Journal2017-03-15
Doctor Who convention coming back to ClarksvilleThe Leaf Chronicle2017-03-17
Dr Who regenderationThe Mirror2017-03-30
Time Lord SpecialRadio Times2017-04-01
The one you watched when you were twelve: regenerations of Doctor Who and enduring fandom's 'life-transitional objects'Journal of British Cinema and Television2017-04-01
Openly gay companion a first for Doctor WhoThe Guardian2017-04-01
Doctor Who gets his first gay companion: A woman called BillDaily Mail2017-04-01
About time, lord: Dr Who has gay No 2The Times2017-04-01
Give it to me straight, DocThe Psychologist2017-04-01
Class (TV Guide)TV Guide2017-04-03
See ya later regeneratorDaily Star2017-04-04
Doctor's Bill reveals 2 crushes at workThe Mirror2017-04-06
Doctor Who writer dismisses fuss over gay companion as nonsenseThe Guardian2017-04-06
Boo Who (The Sun)The Sun2017-04-06
Who's gay adventurerDaily Star2017-04-06
Who's Who? (London Evening Standard)London Evening Standard2017-04-07
Who's cluesRadio Times2017-04-08
The spy Who loved meThe Mirror2017-04-10
Who's the next 007Daily Star2017-04-10
Peter: My Time as Lord was upThe Mirror2017-04-11
A Word With Peter CapaldiThe New York Times2017-04-11
Peter Capaldi: Leaving 'Doctor Who' is sweet, not bittersweetUSA Today
The Daily Advertiser
A round up of TV this Easter weekendWaitrose Weekend2017-04-13
New girl Pearl calls Doctor LooDaily Star2017-04-13
2 Hours, and I Know What a Tardis IsThe New York Times2017-04-14
Partners in time...Leicester Mercury2017-04-14
Doctor Who returns; Capaldi eyes end of space/time travelsAssociated Press
Florence Morning News
Partners in time ...Evening Chronicle2017-04-15
New friends, new enemiesTV & Satellite Week2017-04-15
A girl named BillRadio Times2017-04-15
Doctor Who Season 10 set for liftoffRegina Leader-Post2017-04-15
Where next?Radio Times2017-04-15
Look Who's Back In ActionThe Mirror2017-04-15
Look Who's hit the big timeThe Mirror2017-04-15
Old as the hills ... fresh as paintOttawa Citizen
The Canadian Press
Doctor Who has a loo and a plot tooSunday Express2017-04-16
The Doctor finally gets his mojo back - thanks to a gobby new assistantThe Guardian2017-04-17
First Doctor going back to the futureThe Mirror2017-04-18
Pass notes No 3,841The Guardian2017-04-18
Selfies could prove deadly for The DoctorDaily Star2017-04-19
A staggeringly poor choice to take over the role of Doctor WhoThe Guardian2017-04-21
Dr Who is back in our dimension, and once again he's acting inappropriately, and being chased by DaleksThe Irish Times2017-04-21
Just Who Is Dr Happy?Daily Star2017-04-21
From Scotland to the starsRadio Times2017-04-22
Review of reviewsThe Guardian2017-04-22
City of dreamsRadio Times2017-04-22
An inappropriate new Doctor WhoThe Guardian2017-04-24
Something's fishy here...Daily Star2017-04-25
A female Doctor Who?Ottawa Citizen
Regina Leader-Post
You've got to love the cheek of Doctor WhoWaitrose Weekend2017-04-27
Terror below the ice!What's on TV2017-04-29
Thin IceRadio Times2017-04-29
Top of the BillRadio Times2017-04-29
Doctor Who: The Power of the DaleksThe Video Librarian2017-05-01
The Doctor's newest companion, Bill Potts, is gayDiva2017-05-01
Person of the Month: Pearl MackieDiva2017-05-01
He's back on board the TARDIS as Nardole in Doctor WhoGay Times2017-05-01
The Albums That Changed My LifeQ2017-05-01
Can't pay rent Bill!Daily Star2017-05-05
Hercule who?Radio Times2017-05-06
Knock KnockRadio Times2017-05-06
Poirot turns villainTV & Satellite Week2017-05-06
House of HORROR!What's on TV2017-05-06
Paradise Lost in SpaceThe War Cry2017-05-06
Doc versus ZombiesDaily Star2017-05-11
Torys want to Exterminate the NHSThe Guardian2017-05-11
Geoffrey BayldonThe Guardian
The Sunday Times
Their automated spacesuits are trying to kill themEntertainment Weekly2017-05-12
Zombies in space!What's on TV2017-05-13
The hiatus seems to have given Doctor Who fresh driveRadio Times2017-05-13
Doctor Who? (Sunday People)The Sunday People2017-05-14
You'll all Miss me when I'm goneDaily Star2017-05-17
ExtremisRadio Times2017-05-20
Our great city just what The Doctor orderedEvening Chronicle2017-05-22
Chasing Dr. WhoThe Lamp (Lincoln Land Community College)2017-05-25
Who's That Man?Radio Times2017-05-27
New Exploration Place exhibit full of interactive superhero gamesThe Wichita Eagle2017-05-29
The Doctor's new dynamic soundTVB Europe2017-06-01
Diggin' for GoldRecord Collector2017-06-01
Shows that get our vote...TV & Satellite Week2017-06-03
Save us from the monks!What's on TV2017-06-03
Rewriting HistoryRadio Times2017-06-03
Dottore Chi?Radio Times2017-06-03
Peter SallisThe Times2017-06-06
50 Years of IceRadio Times2017-06-10
Mars attacks!TV & Satellite Week2017-06-10
I think a female Doctor would be really thrillingEvening Chronicle2017-06-10
Who thought up this Marvel-lous wedding theme?Evening Chronicle2017-06-12
Everyone knows there are ghosts in the hillRadio Times2017-06-17
My Favourite DoctorRadio Times2017-06-17
Legion of DoomTV & Satellite Week2017-06-17
Shock Doc finale's hit and MissyDaily Star2017-06-18
What's Up Doc? (Daily Star : 2017)Daily Star2017-06-20
I got stuck in a rut with all the time travel says DoctorDaily Mail2017-06-20
You really do not want to miss the start of this penultimate episodeRadio Times2017-06-24
The first in a two-part finale sees some classic baddies returnTV Times2017-06-24
A Single Story for New WhoRadio Times2017-06-24
Master of mayhemTV & Satellite Week2017-06-24
Dead man walking?Radio Times2017-06-24
Six of the best Moffat momentsRadio Times2017-06-24
Is anybody still watching?The Sunday Times2017-06-25
Capaldi and Moffat get ready for final trip in the TardisThe Guardian2017-07-01
Their final showdownTV Times2017-07-01
The clock on the wall shows half past midnightRadio Times2017-07-01
Dirt on the DoctorRadio Times2017-07-01
Tennant Trades the BBC for Scrooge McDuckUSA Today
Chicago Sun-Times
So Who's next? Finale leaves fans waiting for identity of new DoctorThe Mail on Sunday2017-07-02
Banging end regenerate Time Lord's whimper of a seriesThe Mirror2017-07-03
A right Doctor Who-ha kicks off after finale's 'all girl' clueMetro (England)2017-07-03
Look Who's back... Clara says farewellThe Mirror2017-07-03
Time for Doctor to get a ponytail and FerrariDaily Mail2017-07-04
This run of Doctor Who has proved a fine victory lap for Peter Capaldi and writer Steven MoffatWaitrose Weekend2017-07-06
Doctor Who as a woman? Yes pleaseThe Irish Times2017-07-08
Who should be the next Doctor?The Guardian2017-07-13
Dr. What? The next Who's a ladyPhiladelphia Daily News2017-07-14
Cheers to Doctor WhoTV Guide2017-07-14
Time Lord ChillsRadio Times2017-07-15
Time shift!TV & Satellite Week2017-07-15
Broadchurch's Jodie is shock late favourite to be the first female DoctorThe Mail on Sunday2017-07-16
BBC stars' payThe Sunday Times2017-07-16
About time: Jodie is the first female Doctor WhoMetro (England)2017-07-17
Fans let fly as Doctor Who is turned into a Time LadyDaily Express2017-07-17
The 13th Doctor is inUSA Today
Chicago Sun-Times
Doctor Who Casts First Female LeadThe New York Times2017-07-17
How 'woke' is your TV consumption?London Evening Standard2017-07-17
Don't be scared of my gender, says first woman to play Doctor WhoDaily Mail2017-07-17
A Doctor Who firstChicago Tribune2017-07-17
Dalektable (2017)The Sun2017-07-17
It's Dr Rude!Daily Star2017-07-17
Doctor Who casts first woman as leadAssociated Press
Daily Herald
Who's next: Jodie Whittaker 1st female star of Doctor WhoAssociated Press
The New Mexican
The Citizens' Voice
The Charlotte Observer
The Sacramento Bee
Corvallis Gazette-Times
The Pantagraph
The Journal Times
Albany Democrat-Herald
Lincoln Journal Star
The Paducah Sun
Arizona Daily Star
Rapid City Journal
The Brownsville Herald
The Sioux City Journal
The Times-Tribune (Scranton, PA)
Docther WhoThe Sun2017-07-17
Time, gentlemen, please - meet the new DoctorThe Guardian2017-07-17
Who Fans Furious Over New Time Lady JodieDaily Star2017-07-18
Jodie Gives Doctor Who A BoostMetro (England)2017-07-18
I've Been Really Jammy in My CareerDaily Express2017-07-18
Class Act: Time Lady Jodie Backed After Fans' BacklashDaily Record2017-07-18
Who are ya?Daily Star2017-07-18
Sex change for Dr Who divides fansThe New Zealand Herald2017-07-18
A star as big as the TardisDaily Mail2017-07-18
How long before the Daleks are Ma-leks?Daily Star2017-07-18
La primera doctora WhoLa Verdad2017-07-18
About time (The Guardian)The Guardian2017-07-18
A female Time Lord. Finally.Los Angeles Times
Chicago Tribune
Politically Correct BrigadeThe Sun2017-07-18
Time to get behind Jodie as the Doctor, urges BakerMetro (England)2017-07-18
Who's afraid of the lady Doctor?Daily Express2017-07-18
Kill Her OffDaily Star2017-07-19
Time Beeb scrapped licence and cut pay!Daily Star2017-07-19
Vreeland En PonienteLa Verdad2017-07-19
Time for Marty Poppins?The Sun2017-07-19
Is It A Mistake To Make Doctor Who A Woman?Daily Express2017-07-19
A Woman 'Doctor Who': It's About TimeVariety2017-07-19
Salary ExterminatedThe Mirror2017-07-19
Twitter is awash with twits saying they'll never watch againDaily Express2017-07-20
Is all the fuss about the Doctor Who being a woman the biggest non-story in the Universe?The Sun2017-07-20
A woman Dr Who ... but she's still youngDaily Express2017-07-20
Outrage of the weekThe Mirror2017-07-20
Jodie's An InspirationThe Mirror2017-07-20
The nurse who earns more than the DoctorMetro (England)2017-07-20
Who's No. 2The Sun2017-07-20
First mistress of intergalactic malarkeyDaily Mail2017-07-21
Mail pattern weirdnessNew Statesman2017-07-21
No objections from this old codger!Daily Express2017-07-21
A quintessentially British alienNew Statesman2017-07-21
We Won't Doc Jodie's WagesThe Sun2017-07-21
Easy to see why Beeb went for a female Doctor...The Sun2017-07-21
Keep It In The FamilyRadio Times2017-07-22
Who v Who! Old Time Lords clash over first female DoctorDaily Mail2017-07-22
Doctor's sidekick tragedyThe Sun2017-07-22
Clash of the Time Lords over JodieThe Mirror2017-07-22
Who's right, Who's wrong on new Who?Daily Express2017-07-22
Debating DiversityRegina Leader-Post2017-07-22
Docs at war over JodieDaily Star2017-07-22
Phil Hammond says flying a tardis is so easy even a woman could do itThe Sunday Times2017-07-23
Stars of Dr Who praise first female to get roleKent on Sunday2017-07-23
People-WatchingThe Sunday Times2017-07-23
Stars come out for the new Time LordSunday Express2017-07-23
Who bears grinsThe Sunday Mirror2017-07-23
The 13th Time Lord is a woman and a fine one at thatThe Sunday Mirror2017-07-23
Deborah WatlingThe Times2017-07-26
Doctor Who? (2018)Radio Times2017-07-29
What the Doctor ordered (Radio Times)Radio Times2017-07-29
Deborah Watling (The Sunday Times)The Sunday Times2017-07-30
Once and Future FandomsILA Reporter2017-08-01
Fandoms: Subcultures on the Rise!ILA Reporter2017-08-01
Hywel BennettThe Times2017-08-05
Why (Not) a Woman?Radio Times2017-08-05
Clare in the CommunityThe Guardian2017-08-06
I'm emotional at being the first woman Doctor Who says JodieDaily Express2017-08-08
Jodie Is Doctor Boo-WhoThe Sun2017-08-08
Jodie's tears at Doc 'dream'Daily Star2017-08-08
Who says I can't be the Doctor now, asks new Time Lord JodieMetro (England)2017-08-08
And another thing ...Metro (England)2017-08-08
Who'd Want to Doctor the Tardis?Metro (England)2017-08-10
How 'Doctor Who' landed in AmericaPress & Sun-Bulletin
The Ithaca Journal
Elmira Star-Gazette
Ahead of her timeRadio Times2017-08-12
Trust me... Jodie will be a Doctor who triumphsThe Mail on Sunday2017-08-13
BroadchurchEntertainment Weekly2017-08-18
Who knew I was the new Doctor? Not even my dadThe Mail on Sunday2017-08-20
Look Who Is New No2The Sun2017-08-22
Doctor Who and the (quiz) masterThe Mirror2017-08-22
Dr. Who Actress Rents Her Lady of the Lake HouseVariety2017-08-22
Walsh set to be Doctor Who Jodie's sidekickDaily Express2017-08-23
Time is right for beach boy BradThe Mirror2017-08-23
Walsh is tipped to travel in the TardisMetro (England)2017-08-23
How Bradly has always chased his dreams (and the occasional co-star)The Sun2017-08-23
Role-up for Doc star BradThe Mirror2017-08-23
Bradley Walsh: Doctor Who's best cosmic jokeThe Guardian2017-08-23
Sci-Fi FayreEvening Chronicle2017-08-25
30 minutes with ... Freema AgyemanThe Guardian2017-08-25
The royal coupleRadio Times2017-08-26
Welcome, DoctorRadio Times2017-08-26
Look Who Is To Play Brad BoyThe Mirror2017-08-28
Who Better?Empire2017-09-01
The FarewellEmpire2017-09-01
The double-hearted Time Lord isn't even human anywayDaily Express2017-09-01
The Time TravelerRolling Stone2017-09-07
Where Are They Now... ? Doctor Who's Katy ManningDaily Express2017-09-09
Our man in EdinburghRadio Times2017-09-09
Doctor Who PartyFlorence Morning News2017-09-13
Time Theater hosts Dr. Who filmOshkosh Northwestern2017-09-15
Fan Fiction Shows a Little SkinThe New York Times2017-09-21
TV's hottest talentRadio Times2017-09-23
The Ultimate Studio IconMusicTech2017-10-01
Creating Sustainable CybermenTVB Europe2017-10-01
Labour Robot TaxThe Sunday Times2017-10-01
Veterano viajero del tiempoLa Verdad2017-10-08
I don't want Doctor Who asking about my sexuality!The Sunday Times2017-10-15
Former 'Doctor Who' companions head to Wichita for the adventureThe Wichita Eagle2017-10-20
Three's company for new Time LordEvening Chronicle2017-10-25
Walsh set to break age record as BBC reveals who's who in new Tardis teamThe Guardian2017-10-25
Save time and moneyEvening Chronicle2017-10-25
Call the DoctorTV & Satellite Week2017-11-03
Bradley joins Doctor Who!TV Times2017-11-04
Jodie's Whoted & BootedThe Sun2017-11-10
Doc is striped for actionDaily Star2017-11-10
Timeless fashionThe Mirror2017-11-10
Jodie's what Doc orderedDaily Star2017-11-11
Walsh 'proud' to act with Doctor WhoSunday Express2017-11-12
Dr Who's story kept secret by scannersThe Sun2017-11-13
BBC exterminates Doctor Who leaksMetro (England)2017-11-14
Paddy RussellThe Guardian2017-11-16
Dudley SimpsonThe Times2017-11-17
Guess Who's BakerThe Mirror2017-11-24
Love of 'Dr. Who' inspires owner of Blue Box CafeThe Courier-News (Elgin, IL)2017-11-24
Shada's Lifted Off DocThe Sun2017-11-24
Roll up, roll up to see Peter Capaldi in the Tardis for the final timeDaily Record
The Mirror
Meet the new female Doctor Who!Bella2017-12-01
Doctor Who: Twice Upon a TimeNew Musical Express2017-12-01
Married to the jobRadio Times2017-12-02
Brexiteers may find it harder to accept female Doctor Who - writerDaily Mail2017-12-04
Capaldi's last Doctor Who scene 'filled with emotion'Metro (England)2017-12-07
Time gentlemen (2017)Radio Times2017-12-09
Peter WhoRadio Times2017-12-09
Star GirlThe Sunday Times2017-12-10
Must-Buy of the WeekEvening Chronicle2017-12-13
About Time LordThe Mirror2017-12-15
Man on a Mission!Metro (England)2017-12-15
Why can't Doctor Who be a woman?I2017-12-16
Doctor Who Christmas previewTV & Satellite Week2017-12-16
Chas And Dave — and Who?Radio Times2017-12-16
It's A First For The Last Doctor WhoThe Sunday Mirror2017-12-17
Regeneration gameThe Sunday Times2017-12-17
It's an episode not to be missedS Magazine2017-12-17
Actor's tears as she bows out of Doctor WhoPress Association
The Guardian
Were 'weird' fan's underpants a pair of police box-ers, Jenna?Metro (England)2017-12-21
The 12 TV treats of Christmas - an armchair guideThe Times2017-12-23
Who's Leaving WhoDaily Star2017-12-23
The young Victoria is romantic - and so full of lifeThe Times2017-12-23
Festive FarewellRadio Times2017-12-23
The Doctor is in a generous moodThe Times2017-12-23
Fly away, Peter...Radio Times2017-12-23
Time for ChangeTV Times2017-12-23
Who's next? 'Doctor Who' gets a new starAssociated Press
The Citizens' Voice
The Spokesman-Review
The Pantagraph
Longview News-Journal
Quad-City Times
The Times of Northwest Indiana
The Paducah Sun
The Marshall News Messenger
End of era as 'Doctor Who' gets new starAssociated Press
The Marshall News Messenger
Doctor Who Christmas Special (2017)TV Guide2017-12-25
New Doctor makes a big entranceDaily Record2017-12-26
First woman Doctor plays second fiddle to right-on smuggeryDaily Mail2017-12-26
Look! It's the Doc-HerThe Sun2017-12-26
Making WavesUSA Today
Chicago Tribune
Jodie Whittaker's Madam Doc roused herself for the first timeThe Sunday Times2017-12-31

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